ODI is excited to announce the newest addition to their line up of v2.1 Lock-On Grips – the REFLEX grip. Drawing on over 40 years of experience of producing performance-driven grips and feedback from an extensive network of top riders across the globe, the Reflex grips have been engineered to reduce impacts and vibration being passed on to the riders’ hands to allow you to ride more with less pain and fatigue.

Reflex grips are the latest innovation in impact damping to keep you riding longer and farther as they’ve been specifically engineered to reduce vibration. Like having suspension for your hands without compromising control.

ODI’s development for the Reflex grips started with feedback and testing from elite World Cup athletes with the goal of providing improved comfort without sacrificing control. The design was refined and tested by riders at all levels until we reached the goal of providing a grip that would provide all-day comfort allowing you to spend more time on the trails and less time recovering.

The brand started with their proprietary grip compound, with its superior impact damping properties, and coupled this with a responsive ribbed padding that actively flexes under your hands to reduce impacts and torsional forces.

In order to retain control and avoid the feeling of having to squeeze the grip (which can lead to arm pump) a waffle section was added to the finger side of the grip which provide easy traction points and eliminates the feel of a large squishy padded grip.

To further enhance the Ergonomic feel, the height of the rib across the front of the grip was increased which indexes with the bend in your fingers giving the grip a more oblong profile and filling in otherwise dead space and allowing you to relax your hands without the feeling of losing contact with the grip.

As part of the v2.1 Lock-On Grip system you are guaranteed easy installation with a 3mm allen key and the benefit of the most reliable slip-free grip performance available.

The Reflex grips are being offered in a roomy 135mm grip length and with two diameters: Regular (33.5mm) or X-Large (34.5mm). Combined with the available 9 color options – they are sure to be a perfect fit for your ride.

Mon 20th Mar, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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