Company has implemented various measures to protect end consumers

Schwalbe warns against online stores that falsely refer to the Schwalbe brand without actually offering Schwalbe products. In recent months, several cases have occurred in which e-commerce sites make reference to Schwalbe in prominent places: with the logo, product photos or even entire item descriptions. This suggests that it is an official Schwalbe store. These deceptively genuine-looking fakeshops are used to defraud buyers, who pay money but never receive any goods.

To protect its clientele from fraud, Schwalbe has taken various measures. Firstly, a permanent domain monitoring program is underway, which searches the Internet for sites that make reference to Schwalbe and thus create the impression that they have a business relationship with the brand. At the same time, the family-owned company takes legal action against all fakeshops. Several cases have already been successfully concluded in this way
and the sites are no longer accessible.

Schwalbe’s official website can be found at In Europe, products from the tire manufacturer can only be purchased through wholesalers and retailers. In North America Schwalbe tires and tubes can be purchased additionally over the official Domain

What to look out for in suspicious stores online:

– Checking the payment methods (be careful if only prepayment is possible).
– Test call in case of doubts, since fakeshop numbers often go nowhere
– Checking commercial register numbers

Thu 2nd Mar, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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