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WTB is excited to introduce its e-bike focused Devo saddle with a patent-pending Pickup handle that provides a simple yet effective way for riders to lift and maneuver e-bikes while also being a useful grab point for pushing up rough sections of trail. With 30+ years of innovative WTB saddle design to back its introduction, the patent-pending Pickup handle introduces an additional level of function and convenience to our already beloved saddle line.

Pickup Handle for Heavy Lifting

The additional weight of e-bikes creates new challenges when it comes to lifting your bike onto a rack, moving it around the garage, or hoisting it over rocks and roots on unrideable sections of trail. The new Devo saddle solves this problem with its patent-pending Pickup handle, which aids in lifting or pushing an e-bike in both transport and on-trail situations. While we designed and tested the Devo specifically for e-mtb, its Pickup handle has also proved helpful for urban riders who load their bikes up with groceries or other heavy loads.

Unnoticeable While Pedaling

While it may look like the hole interferes with where you sit on the saddle, we placed Pickup behind the sit bone contact area to make it completely unnoticeable while pedaling. We’ve confirmed this through hundreds of hours of ride testing and pressure mapping. Pickup provides an easy way to lift, push and transport your e-bike without sacrificing any pedaling comfort in the process.

“I don’t notice the hole in my saddle until I need it. I thought I’d notice it while pedaling with the saddle dropped a bit but even then it disappears beneath you. That’s coming from somebody with a big ass! Asses may vary. Probably suggested by 9 out of 10 e-bikers.” – Mark Weir, e-bike aficionado who needs no introduction.

Fiber-Infused Fusion Form Base

Our new Fusion Form base technology allows us to fine-tune the amount of fiber infused into the nylon of each specific saddle model to create a flex profile that balances comfort, support and durability to match the intended use of a saddle. E-mtb riders tend to remain seated over technical, jarring terrain that a rider on a traditional bike would likely stand up to pedal through. We reduced the amount of fiber in the Devo’s Fusion Form base, which improved base flex and damping to make it more forgiving and comfortable while pedaling over rough terrain.

Full-Power, Full-Battery Comfort

The Devo features our Medium level of padding thickness, which eliminates pressure points in the sit bone area while still providing lasting comfort for both quick laps and full-battery adventures. The width outline of the Devo gradually increases through the front half of the saddle before quickly widening out to create the primary area for sit bone support. This allows you to stay seated in a locked-in position and crank hard without the insides of your thighs rubbing on the saddle edges. The Devo’s wide nose encourages you to scoot forward to maximize power output and keep the front wheel down on steep, technical climbs that are only conquerable on an e-bike. Its short 260mm overall length and rounded tail profile prevents the Devo from snagging your shorts while moving on and off the saddle, while also making it easier to quickly return to a seated position.

One Width. Two Padding Options.

The Devo is available in a Medium (142mm) width, which is designed to best fit riders with sit bones that are 100-130mm apart. Versions of the Devo with cromoly or stainless steel rails feature our HLX padding, while the model with titanium rails features our premier DNA padding. HLX padding is plusher than our DNA padding, which makes it a great option for those who prioritize squishiness rather than weight savings. DNA is our high-performance padding that holds its shape incredibly well to provide unbeatable comfort and support on long rides while also minimizing saddle weight.


The suggested retail price of the Devo is $95.95 for cromoly rails, $119.95 for stainless steel rails and $142.95 for titanium rails. Devo saddles will be available at WTB retailers around the world in the weeks ahead and are immediately available in North America through WTB.com.

Fri 21st Apr, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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