WTB is thrilled to unveil its latest lineup of grips introducing Trace, Wavelength, CZ Control, and Burr. We built on our 35 years of grip expertise with one of the top cycling biomechanics experts to define an entirely innovative approach to grips. The result was four grips for four different types of riders. Rigorously tested and fine-tuned with feedback from athletes worldwide, we’re confident you’ll find the right grip for your riding style.

Extensive field research showed that most riders fit into three major categories for grip preference. Cushion, Minimal and Balanced. Cushion grips focus on the damping of bumps and trail chatter. Minimal grips maximize bar feel and control, giving the user a more direct connection to their bike. Balanced grips blend features of both Cushion and Minimal.

All four grips feature soft anti-slip rubber, a single inboard clamp, an easy to access 3mm hex key adjustment, and a tapered inner sleeve that eliminates unwanted rotation or twisting at the outboard end.

Cushion Category:
For riders looking for softness and vibration damping.

The Trace grip provides a plush feel on rough and jarring terrain due to the unique pattern on top. This is accomplished by the ample space between the trapezoidal blocks that allows them room to squish and conform. The Trace’s soft compound rebounds slowly to provide additional damping and increase comfort between the rider and their handlebars. These are ideal for riders who want soft grips that absorb trail chatter and reduce hand numbness.

– Tall and flexible cushioning blocks lay over the top ¾ of the surface
– Light fingertip knurling and large ribs on the underside to increase bar feel
– 32mm diameter allows for more rubber to absorb vibration

Balanced Category:
For riders looking for a blend of comfort, vibration damping, and control.

The Wavelength features multi-directional fins that improve handlebar control while also providing comfort on rough terrain. We utilized pressure mapping technology to precisely angle the direction of the fins to counter the forces acting on them. The underside of the grip features a waffle pattern for increased bite where the fingers naturally wrap around the bar. The tapered 30/32mm grip diameter increases control in technical terrain.

– A fins style design provides cushioning and grip
– Fingertip waffles for increased bar feel
– Tapered 30/32mm diameter improves handling response

The CZ Control is unique in its semi-ergonomic shape. WTB evaluated all the grips in this category and found one key element was missing – control. The brand used pressure mapping to determine where pressure is distributed on the grips and increased support in those areas to improve comfort and reduce numbness while still conforming to the natural shape of the hand. This results in a grip that provides greater control over your bike, giving you more confidence in technical terrain, and reducing hand numbness.

– Semi-ergonomic shape enhances control while distributing pressure away from areas causing numbness

Minimal Category:
For riders looking to maximize bar feel and control with a more direct connection to the bike.

The Burr features a low-profile design that provides riders with the most direct connection to their handlebar. Whether you are hanging on under full compression or yanking upwards to clear a root, the bi-directional texture provides the grip you need to keep everything under control.

– Low profile burr grinder style teeth pointing bi-directionally to provide grip for pushing and pulling
– Thin 30mm diameter enhances trail feedback

All grips are available in Black or Tan, carry an MSRP of $29.95 USD/€29.95, and are available at your local WTB retailer or online at wtb.com

Thu 8th Feb, 2024 @ 6:30 pm

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