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Kaos Seagrave´s riding style on a bike is unpredictable, you never know what he´s gonna do next. Ever heard of the Chaos Theory? Also known as the science of surprises, predicting the behaviour of the “inherently unpredictable”. This is exactly what sparked the idea to collaborate with the @FMDRACING freerider Kaos Seagrave on a new mountain bike edit incorporating the Canyon Torque frame design.

The so-called Butterfly Effect – now widely referred to as Chaos Theory – supports the idea that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could set weather systems in motion that eventually lead to a tornado somewhere else in the world. This head-scratcher came from the mind of MIT Professor Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s and since then has led to broader studies into these types of ideas.

Taking our limited understanding of the Butterfly Effect notion and running with it – we figured that it’s fair to say that every whip, every shralp of a turn, every steezy move also makes a change. Pushing the limits forwards. Getting riders stoked. This is Kaos Theory.

Cue some doodling, some wild holographic decal vinyl, and some experimenting with Lorenz Attractor diagrams (those swirls that show up when you image search Chaos Theory), and the whole project started to take shape.

“This has been such an epic opportunity to work on a design project with Canyon. I’ve always loved playing around with my bike designs, kit designs, and merch. So to be able to bring some ideas to the table with Canyon and make a signature design is pretty darn dope.” – Kaos Seagrave

📹 Edit and Filming: Chris Seager | Supporting footage by Joe Simkins

Mon 24th Apr, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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