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Fresh cuts for 2023: the Canyon Torque freeride mountain bike is back and offers more mullet wheel size options than ever before. Lets have a look behind the scenes and find out what makes the Torque one of the favourite bikes of CLLCTV riders Sam Pilgrim, Kaos Seagrave and Thomas Genon.

What’s that mullet, you ask? Well, it’s a killer combination of a fast-rolling 29″ wheel up front, taking care of business, and a rowdy 27.5″ wheel in the back, keeping the party going “Business in the front, party in the back”. And here’s the exciting news for 2023: every single Torque model will be available with this mixed wheel size. Mullet wheels give you the best of both worlds and cater to a wide range of riders. The big 29″ wheel up front provides better rollover, improved stability at high speeds, and a larger contact patch for superior traction. Meanwhile, the smaller 27.5″ wheel in the back brings increased agility, better maneuverability in tight corners, and ensures you won’t buzz the rear wheel when you’re hanging off the back on steep sections.

While the focus is on mullet bikes, fear not, our one-wheel-size purist friends. There will still be options available for you. The Torque 6 will be offered with a full 27.5″ setup, perfect for all you die-hard shredders out there. And for those of you determined to ride as fast as humanly possible over the gnarliest terrain, the Torque CF 7 and CF 8 will have full 29″ versions to satisfy your need for speed.

Thu 25th May, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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