Öhlins introduce ‘by Öhlins Factory Racing’ to their product range with an exclusive collection of racing products. Inspired by the rich heritage of racing at Öhlins, the collection of limited-edition MTB products pays homage to where the Öhlins story first began – motocross racing.

Focussing on performance enhancement and eye-catching details, ‘by Öhlins Factory Racing’ brings technology from MotoGP, F1, NASCAR, MX, and MTB racing closer to serious riders looking to step up their game.

As a result of extensive development and testing, the range features technology used at the highest levels of mountain bike racing. Öhlins’ MTB engineers have collaborated with some of the top riders and racing teams including Loïc Bruni, Fabio Wibmer and BMC XC Team to design and deliver products that transform riding experience and stand out against competition.

The collection includes limited-edition racing upgrades for the TTX22m.2 shock, Factory Yellow fork lowers, a racing crown, and a shock pump.

Factory Racing Upgrade for TTX22m.2

The TTX22m.2 Factory Racing upgrade incorporates a hydraulic top-out function and removes stroke adjusters to support handling and performance under extreme racing conditions. Combining race-proven TTX technology and Titanium nitride (TiN) coating, the TTX22m.2 features added durability and efficiency.

Available in the following sizes:
– 225/250 x 75
– 205/230 x 65

Factory Racing Crown

Combining extensive R&D and real-world testing, the new racing crown features a flex pattern giving riders the enhanced control and stability required at DH World Cup levels.

Elevating performance and aesthetic, the new racing crown takes the very best elements from the crown used by Finn Iles and Loic Bruni during the past two seasons. It features a flex pattern providing enhanced control and stability that is so important at World Cup level.

Tapping into their 45+ years of experience,  simulation tests and feedback from Loic Bruni and Finn Iles during the design process, the racing crown has been developed with a 54mm offset and titanium-colour finish to optimise quality, performance and aesthetics.

Factory Yellow Fork Lowers

Limited-edition Fork Lowers in an eye-catching Factory Yellow lacquer, are now available in DH38, RXF38, and RXF34 front forks, with more models coming soon.

Factory Racing Shock Pump

Completing the collection of limited edition racing products, the Öhlins MTB shock pump is designed to precisely calibrate and adjust shock and fork pressures using a digital pressure gauge with a range of 0-300 PSI.

Tue 16th May, 2023 @ 9:30 am

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