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The Commencal Meta Power TR and Meta Power SX are now equipped with Bosch Performance CX Smart Systems that are considered to be the most powerful e-bike systems on the market. These two new versions mark the beginning of a collaboration between Commencal and Bosch.

A little reminder: The Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor has 85N.m. torque for smooth and efficient behaviour. It’s ultra precise and super capable of riding the steepest, most technical, and rough terrain. It’s also easy to handle with its eMTB mode and new Extended Boost function.

Thanks to the Bosch eBike Flow App, you can easily configure the different assistance modes and carry out system updates. The Bosch Smart System means our bikes are compatible with future hardware and software developments.

The Meta Power Bosch models are equipped with integrated PowerTube batteries with an autonomy of 625Wh. As an indication, behind the bars of a Meta Power SX in eMTB mode, you can consider covering around 40km for 1300m+. With the Meta Power TR in ECO mode, that would increase to 90km depending on some external factors.

The different modes (ECO/TOUR+/EMTB/TURBO) are managed using the System Controller unit and its Mini Remote control lever. The set is particularly discreet and avoids overload of the handlebars.

Each version of the Meta Power Bosch is available in four builds. The TR model is available in RIDE, ESSENTIAL, RACE and ÖHLINS versions. The SX is available in RIDE, ESSENTIAL, RACE and SIGNATURE variations.

The Meta Power TR is for those who love to enjoy their ride. With 140mm of rear travel it’s easy to tame yet also forgiving: a lively and playful bike. When pedalling, the excellent geometry of all our TR models is a definite advantage and with a straighter seat tube and a long front end, the rider is ideally positioned between the two-wheel axles. Clearance capacity is also increased tenfold. The 29-inch wheels make tackling the most technical climbs easy. This is the bike for those who like long rides and then letting off the brakes on the way downhill.

The Meta Power SX is our ideal shuttle bike! It’s made to accompany you from your local spot in the woods to a bike park holiday in the mountains. With 165mm travel and a mullet (29″/27.5″) wheel dynamic, it is ultra-precise, easy to move and super capable of riding the steepest, most technical terrain. Business at the front, party at the back!

Meta Power TR Bosch
RIDE: 5800€ / 5300 US$
ESSENTIAL: 6800€ / 6200 US$
RACE: 7500€ / 6900 US$
ÖHLINS: 8000€ / 7300 US$

Meta Power SX Bosch
RIDE: 6000€ / 5500 US$
ESSENTIAL: 7000€ / 6500 US$
RACE: 8000€ / 7300 US$
SIGNATURE: 8800€ / 8000 US$

Availability: JUNE/JULY 2023

Tue 16th May, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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