Öhlins today announce the launch of their long awaited XC range with the debut of the RXC34 m.1 forks, TXC1Air and TXC2Air shocks. Building on their racing success and category leading product in the Enduro and Downhill categories, the brand is now utilising their wide experience in technology development and broadening their product offering into the XC segment.

Öhlins core focus on racing and innovation saw the unveiling of its partnership with Team BMC Racing earlier this year, this has already provided the perfect space for Öhlins to further develop their technology and create the next generation of race winning products.

Several new technologies including air spring design and serial shim stack have been packaged together with race proven inventions including a floating axle and Öhlins signature stiff chassis. It has already been tested by Team BMC with a real focus to perform on the technical tracks in Paris at the 2024 Olympics.

Suspension innovations have resulted in a new damping system for both the front fork and rear shock. The fork boasts a new OTX14 damper and an updated 2-chamber air spring. This system provides next level traction and wheel control in a stiff chassis with a superior feel and excellent handling. In the racing environment, the suspension allows the bike to efficiently absorb the terrain and maintain rider momentum.


Bringing twin tube technology to XC for ultimate performance and rear wheel control. TXCAir is highly adjustable with race proven setting bank to match rider style and bike linkage.

– Hydraulics optimized for XC racing with serial shim stacks
– 3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the race track
– Rider friendly volume spacer system to adjust air spring progressiveness
– Reducers can easily be installed to adjust stroke
– Lighter, slimmer and more progressive TXC1Air
– Larger, more versatile TXC2Air
– Remote and manual control options
– Manual control option adding 16 clicks of LSC
– 12 clicks of rebound
– TXC1Air available in 165/190 – 37.5/40 and 185/210 – 47.5/50
– TXC2Air available in 165/190 – 37.5/40/42.5/45 and 185/210 – 47.5/50/52.5/55
– TXC1Air from 245g
– TXC2Air from 255g

RXC34 m.1

– Lightweight OTX14 damper.
– Highly adjustable with race proven setting bank to match rider style and bike
– Hydraulics optimized for XC racing
– 3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the race track
– Up to 5 positive volume spacers to adjust progressiveness (depending on travel)
– Up to 7 negative spacers to adjust initial sensitivity
– Race version in 100mm with carbon crown at 1476g
– 110/120mm carbon version at 1496g.
– 110/120mm aluminum version at 1598g (100mm version will be available later)
– Remote and manual control option
– Manual control option adding 12 clicks of LSC
– 12 clicks of rebound

These developments give riders extra confidence to push even harder and go even faster, with the stiff chassis and pedal platform giving efficient power transfer, there is also an adjustable settings bank which can be tailored to suit the rider, the bike and the track. The three ride modes, open, pedal and lock out have been developed in parallel for front and rear to create balance on the bike whether descending in rough terrain, climbing or sprinting.

Thomas Westfeldt, Product Manager MTB at Öhlins said: “This range has been in development for a long time, not only is it raced at the highest level, it’s now also available for XC riders around the world. Our focus on performance enables riders to have the confidence to go faster while being in control, on XCO tracks and on weekend rides”.

– TTX1 and TTX2 Air – £609 /  €695 / $565
– AM RXC34 m.1 Air – £1310 /  €1495 / $1190
– AM RXC34 m.1 Carbon Air – £1485 / €1695 / $1390

Thu 8th Jun, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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