Welcome to the mountainous borderlands of Slovenia and Austria, and the first ROAMER TRAIL Rendezvous – a new nomadic riding series that invites you to discover new destinations, connect with people and places, and act accordingly. It is not a race, it is a journey with a purpose – socializing, discovering and acting to protect our MTB playground.  The first Rendezvous will take place from September 29th to October 1st.

ROAMER TRAIL is a journey, not a race. Ride, seek, shred, and socialize with pro-riders, ambassadors, trail-builders, and like-minded roamers amongst nature, with the support of our event organization. No need to bivvy in a bus stop, drink a warm shaken-up framebag can, or carry all your kit if you don’t want to. However you choose to ride, everyone arrives at the same hosted camp each evening.  Over three glorious days, you’ll earn your turns on hand-built singletrack, through abandoned mines and lush green forests, before railing the berms of the Austrian flow country. This is a multi-day mountain bike ride exploring the natural landscapes further and connecting with fellow riders and the locals who created a story of synergy between conservation and recreation in this piece of the Alps.

“At fizik we believe that choosing to ride a bike and the communities around riding bikes, foster positive change. Mountain biking is a great example of how much this is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that extends our time off-the-saddle and develops into a force for good. ROAMER TRAIL – a three-day nomadic adventure – captures all of this: it goes beyond the ride, connecting people and places, sharing stories, sparking advocacy. It’s great riding combined with purpose. We’ve just joined the movement and we cannot wait to start roaming”, comments Giovanni Fogal, Brand Manager at fizik.

“ROAMER is a movement; a chance to be part of something bigger…
…Shared experiences outdoors are the heart and soul of bikepacking, which ROAMER offers by the seatpack-load. We’ve aimed to create an adventure for all levels: ROAMER balances challenge and comfort, escape and social, tourism and conservation. The term ‘rendezvous’ hopefully highlights the laid-back, social side of ROAMER…”  – Stef Amato, Host, ROAMER & Pannier.cc

The local story of the first Rendezvous

Nestled in the rural heartland of Koroška-Kärnten is a special village – Jamnica – where a group of local mountain bikers and guides have developed a trail network that has connected valleys, communities, and countries, even ways of life. Jamnica is not just a tool for socio-economic benefit in a less-discovered part of the European Alps, but a super story for the synergy between conservation and recreation; a place that you need to visit and enjoy.  ROAMER TRAIL also includes a full morning’s uplift at MTB ZONE PETZEN, so you can experience EWS runs and the longest flow-trail in the EU.

“Vibram is always looking for new good ways of enjoying the outdoors and the partnership with ROAMER allows us to explore even more in depth the fast growing off-road cycling subculture, which merges different mountain biking disciplines with the sense of adventure and the desire of sharing experiences with the community, in straight connection with outdoor territories locally.” – Jerome Bernard, Sport Innovation Marketing Global Director, Vibram – Main Partner

An experience with a purpose

As well as discovering and connecting with people and places, a third pillar of ROAMER is acting. We need to act, for our magical riding playgrounds and the communities at the heart of building and maintaining them. Each edition of ROAMER will see us partner with organisations that are working within this world of mountain biking – global purposes, local action. Both IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and Trash Free Trails are doing great things in advocacy, so we’re happy to support them in getting more people on bikes, and leaving as little trace as possible.

“Human powered sports communities are at the heart of Patagonia. We are committed to protecting the places we get to play in, while sharing stories and stoke. Partnering with our friends at ROAMER TRAIL gives us the opportunity to explore the Austrian and Slovenian Alps, connect to local communities and learn about the environmental and social issues that face them, while riding some of the best trails in Europe.” – Jelle Mul, Senior Marketing Manager, Patagonia EMEA – Main Partner

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ROAMER TRAIL 01 bookings are open from 19 July 2023, with entries limited to 100.
Entry Package – €395.00
Additional Extras – Tent, Sleeping Mat, Bike and Bike Bag Hire
You will find all the necessary info  here –
ROAMER TRAIL 01 / Koroska-Karnten  – https://www.roamer-rendezvous.cc/products/koroska-karnten

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