Dainese presents its innovative 2024 range of mountain bike shoes designed for maximum protection and control in gravity disciplines. The collection comprises a model for clipless pedals and a model for flat pedals, each available in various styles and colors inspired by nature. Alongside the shoes, Dainese is launching a new clothing collection in three different lines to suit all tastes.

Dainese returns to the mountain bike shoe market with its new Materia and Acto shoes, both of which are also available in a Pro version featuring an Auxagon upper. The release sees Dainese reach its goal of offering a full range of protection from head to toe, with its products now spanning Linea helmets to shoes, jerseys, pants, jackets and protectors, enabling optimal performance and maximum safety in the saddle.

Dainese’s new Materia and Acto mountain bike shoes have been designed and made with a particular focus on protection and bike control through the pedals, even in the most extreme conditions. Both are available in two models, designed to meet the needs of riders who prefer clipless or flat pedals.

The clipless-pedal shoes are the Materia and Materia Pro, with the latter standing out for its unique fastening system, featuring a tear-off securing strap. Materia Pro presents the innovative PER-FIT System, which stands for Precision Elasticated Retaining System: A series of four elasticated bands positioned on the instep along with a quick-slip lacing system allows fast and accurate fit adjustment, and a top strap can be used alter the width according to individual foot shape. Due to this design, the PER-FIT System applies uniform pressure and ensures a highly accurate fit around the instep.

The upper of the Materia Pro is constructed with an Auxagon auxetic weave material, inspired by the natural world and adopted by Dainese protectors. The upper also has a layer of high-density EVA — a tough, lightweight polymer with superb impact-absorption capabilities, in turn covered in an anti-abrasion fabric, making for a highly protective combination. The auxetic structure further enhances protection and freedom of movement due to its characteristic flexibility and strength.

Completing the shoe’s safety features are reinforced toes and heels. The toe area, most prone to impact, has an outer rubber layer for better shock absorption and resistance to abrasion. The Materia Pro’s heel features a solid and sturdy hourglass-shaped TPU structure, inspired by motorcycle boots.

The soles of the Materia and Materia Pro are made using Groundtrax® technology, as patented by TCX — a motorcycle footwear brand of the Dainese Group. The compound ensures grip on any surface, in any condition, and is highly resistant to abrasion. The cleat housing area, made of nylon, is carefully positioned based on analysis of the shape of the knee and ankle joints in relation to the pedal position, all of which ensures slick and secure clipping in and out. The midsole is made from EVA for better shock and vibration absorption.

The Acto and Acto Pro are designed for flat pedals, while sharing many features with Materia and Materia Pro. Their biggest differentiator is the sole, which in this case employs technology from Vibram®, a leading brand in the production of soles for sports footwear. The sole of Dainese Acto shoes feature a compound created specifically for mountain biking, ensuring superb grip when interacting with pedal pins and durability in use. The tread pattern, specially designed for Dainese, ensures optimal shoe-to-pedal contact for flawless bike control at all times. The design varies across different areas, for the greatest benefit to the feet both when riding and walking.

The Acto Pro shoe’s midsole layer includes a ZPLATE® BIKE insole, a technology derived from TCX motorcycle shoes. Offering the perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility, it helps keep the foot stable on the pedal and allows it to move freely when walking. The transverse rigidity of the ZPLATE BIKE also stops the sole from warping due to heavy impact or pressure.

Besides the innovative Materia and Acto shoes, Dainese is presenting its new Rox, Aer and Omnia clothing ranges at the Italian Bike Festival 2023. Rex focuses on durability and resistance to abrasion even under the toughest conditions; Aer prioritizes breathability, offering a range of light, breathable garments designed for carefree cycling; Omnia expands the focus beyond the world of mountain biking, offering a versatile solution for a range of cycling activities, from trail to gravel, and comfort off the bike. The Omnia collection stands out for its versatility, suitability for all occasions and superb breathability.

And lastly, Linea 01 — the world’s lightest full-face mountain bike helmet, certified to the most rigorous global standards — is launched in its Linea 01 EVO incarnation, with an enlarged and camera-ready peak, for greater cover and the ability to attach an action cam directly to the visor.

Dainese Acto and Materia mountain bike shoes, the Linea 01 EVO helmet, and the Rox, Aer and Omnia clothing lines will be available in Dainese Stores, at dainese.com and in other leading stores from March 2024.

Mon 18th Sep, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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