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GO3 Camera by Insta360

When the world’s toughest downhill mountain bike course meets one of the world’s best drone pilots. Forever pushing the boundaries, the epic top-to-bottom FPV drone course video shows there’s no better way to perfectly capture this rollercoaster of a downhill course, from classics like The Cannon, Step Up and Road Gap, to the newer elements of the lilypad and the massive doubles.

Following Red Bull athlete and bike handling extraordinaire Kade Edwards down the world’s toughest downhill track, drone pilot Ralph Hogenbirk was able to keep pace with Kade in full flight, perfectly capturing his signature style set against the picturesque backdrop of the Dyfi Valley.

Drone pilot, Ralph Hogenbirk said: “This was a major project and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ve loved watching Red Bull Hardline over the years and knew this would be the best way to showcase the sheer skill of the riders. Kade’s speed certainly didn’t make it easy for me though, I had to really push the envelope to keep up with him all the way down”

Red Bull Athlete, Kade Edward said: “It takes a lot of trust to have someone following you so closely with an FPV drone. The Red Bull Hardline course is unlike any other downhill track on the planet, and I was able to just concentrate on my riding with the drone flying behind me. With the tough conditions on the track and weather closing in, full concentration was really needed!”

Pulling off a feat like this isn’t without its challenges. The toughest roadblock emerged in the tight, twisting forest section, where speed fluctuations and signal disruptions were frequent.

With a meticulously coordinated three-person team comprising an FPV drone pilot, Mavic drone operator for signal relay, and a signal stability spotter, the Dutch Drone Gods achieved the breathtaking one-take shot – navigating the narrow corridor of trees at the top of the course with wind gusting up the mountain, to tackling the sharp twists and turns ahead of The Road Gap, all whilst being in perfect unison with Kade’s flat-out riding.

The collaboration showcases Kade Edwards unique style on two-wheels and pushes technological boundaries to follow the huge freestyle jumps and extremely technical course that makes Red Bull Hardline the gnarliest downhill mountain bike track in the world, all filmed in one continuous run.

For further Red Bull Hardline rider updates and for more information visit http://www.redbull.com/hardline 

Wed 20th Sep, 2023 @ 9:30 am

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