Short travel, big fun – the all-new 2030 is a 120mm travel bike done the SCOR way. Matching enduro bike attitude with trail bike pace it’s a fun-focussed hooligan that’s up for the most epic adventures.

While some short-travel bikes are stuck in the downcountry, the 2030 can go anywhere. That’s because rather than being a bulked-up XC bike it’s a slimmed-down enduro bike, with all the confidence and capability that brings. And, because it’s a SCOR, you can cover ground efficiently without compromising on fun.

The 2030’s lightweight carbon frame is built to the same strength standards (ASTM 4, in tech speak) as our 4060 enduro bike, so it’s up for anything that you throw at it – or throw it down. And, with geometry that positively encourages rough play that’s very much a good thing.

An angle adjust headset lets you switch between a 64.5º and 65.5º headangle help to tune the ride feel for your trails. Whichever angle you choose, paired with a 140mm fork and long front center, the 2030 gives heaps of confidence on steep and technical descents, while the short rear end gives the kind of agility and playfulness a short-travel bike demands. With five frame sizes, each with size-adjusted chainstay lengths, there’s no compromise on keeping the balance between stability and play.

Because the 2030 has been designed to go anywhere and everywhere, chances are you’ll be bringing stuff with you. The Stash Hatch in-frame storage, with a waterproof stash pouch, holds all your every-ride essentials. Additional mounts on the bottom of the top tube allow you to pack more on longer rides and with room for a 500ml bottle on all sizes you’ll always have plenty of juice in the tank.

Progressive to offer plenty of support, efficient to keep you powering up climbs, active to keep great rear-wheel tracking and comfortable when you’re munching on miles – our lower-link driven instant center linkage design makes the most of the 2030’s 120mm of travel, so whilst this might be a short travel bike you’ll never feel short changed. And to make sure you keep on keeping on, no matter how far or hard you ride, we’ve specced robust steel axles and extra sealing on all pivot points.

And, as with all our bikes, the Make It Yours program allows you to create a customized look with a choice of frame protector designs. Or, for those looking for a totally unique look, Slicy’s Mysublimistick lets you create your own bespoke designs.

2030 MODELS:

2030 X01
120mm Rear / 140mm Front Travel | 29” Wheels
Fox 34 Factory / Fox Float Factory Suspension
SRAM X01 Eagle Drivetrain | SRAM G2 Ultimate Brakes
Retail pricing: EUR 8’999 | CHF 9’299 | USD 9’299 | CAD 12’999

2030 GX
120mm Rear / 140mm Front Travel | 29” Wheels
RockShox Pike Ultimate / RockShox Deluxe Ultimate Suspension
SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain | SRAM Code RSC Brakes
Retail pricing: EUR 6’999 | CHF 7’299 | USD 7’299 | CAD 10’199

2030 NX
120mm Rear / 140mm Front Travel | 29” Wheels
RockShox Pike Select / RockShox Deluxe Select+ Suspension
SRAM NX Eagle Drivetrain | SRAM Code R Brakes
Retail pricing: EUR 4’999 | CHF 5’199 | USD 5’199 | CAD 7’299

2030 Frameset
120mm Rear / 140mm Front Travel | 29” Wheels
Fox Float Factory Shox
Retail pricing: EUR 3’299 | CHF 3’499 | USD 3’499 | CAD 4’899

The 2030 will be available through SCOR dealers or order online (Click and Collect for complete bikes / direct for Framesets) from September 2023.

Tue 5th Sep, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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