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GO3 Camera by Insta360

In early 2022, Brett Rheeder caught up with his friend and Red Bull Rampage digger, Austin Davignon, when he mentioned he was building trails for Vallee Bras-Du-Nord for the season. Brett is always scheming new project ideas, so he suggested building a custom trail for them to film a project. Austin said he would inquire with the park but couldn’t promise anything. Fast forward 12 months, after a couple strings pulled and some skilled trail builders hard at work, Clay Porter, Rupert Walker, Tyler Ravelle, and Rheeder found themselves flying across the country with bikes, camera gear and excitement to shoot the brand-new trail at VBN.

“From trail building to cinematography, every person who worked on this project is a master at their work, which was inspiring on many levels. This was my first project of the 2023 season, and I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. The dirt at VBN is incredible, and the conditions were perfect. I can’t thank everyone enough who made this project come to life.” – Brett Rheeder.

“Evergreen was a dream project through and through. Insane build. Insane rider. Insane crew. If every project I worked on had Evergreen’s ingredients, I would be living my nirvana as an artist. Evergreen is the dream realized and actualized.” – Clay Porter.

“I was so surprised with my experience shooting in Quebec and specifically VBN. The lush green forests, rolling mountains and perfectly made trails were a photographer’s dream. Coming from the West Coast, I had no idea Quebec held so much hidden beauty.” – Tyler Ravelle.

“Working with Brett, Clay and Tyler on this was such an inspiring experience. I’m really proud of what the crew created. The vibes were high, and the boys were firing! Brett’s riding mixed with Clay’s directing is a special combination!” – Rupert Walker.

Shot on “KRAKEN” at Vallee Brad-Du-Nord in Saint-Raymond, Quebec, with Kenda Pinner Pro ATC Tires.

Cinematography by Clay Porter and Rupert Walker
Photography by Tyler Ravelle
Edited by Clay Porter
Assistant Editing by Tory Powers
Colour by Rupert Walker
Post-Production Audio by Keith White
Audio Produced by Brett Rheeder
Trail Builders Austin Davignon and Lawrence Reti

Wed 11th Oct, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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