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Mountain Bike Reviews - Kenda Hellkat / Helldiver Pro 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Kenda Hellkat / Helldiver Pro 2017
Kenda Hellkat / Helldiver Pro

Kenda have launched a new set of downhill tyres aimed to compete at the highest level and have been developed in collaboration with the UR Racing Team, which includes DH legends Mick and Tracy Hannah. The Hellkat Pro and the Helldiver Pro are designed for a wide range of conditions and have brought with them an attractive array of new…

11 months ago

Gearing up for the 2020 World Cup DH season are the 2 Brazilian brothers, Roger and Douglas Vieira, who currently reside in the UK and…

2 years ago

LEM Helmets are delighted to announce its support for Grant ‘Chopper’ Fielder, world-class free-ride and dirt jump champion and his Superschools team in helping to…

2 years ago

The Leogang Bike Park track, although sometimes criticised for a lack of technicality, is known for its staggering speeds and seldom fails to produce captivating…

2 years ago

Fresh into the IMB office this week we have a range of goods to put through their paces, some of which are more unusual than…

2 years ago

Kenda is proud to announce that it will be the official tyre sponsor of Intense Factory Racing (IFR) and its three top-level athletes. The new…

2 years ago

Few things compare to a day spent riding with friends. For proof, look no further than Reece Wallace and KC Deane cruising Deer Valley, Utah.…

2 years ago

#HotOrNot It's a super tough call (because let's face it, who doesn't want this ride in their bike shed?) but we're going to ask it…

2 years ago

Click here to see the KHS guys sending it! After a considerable amount of preparation, it's time to get between the tapes. The overall result…

2 years ago

Take a look at the KHS team, currently in pre-race mode! They've been getting everything dialled, so that they're more than ready when it's time…

2 years ago

130 participants from 25 countries descended on the resort of Fundata in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, for what was to be an epic…

2 years ago

Are you ready for World Champs? The duo from Down Under certainly are! Get up to speed with the Hannahs before the action kicks off!…

2 years ago

Polygon XQUARONE DH - First Ride Spring last year was the first time we saw a bike with Naild R3ACT suspension in the wild. The…

Issue 57

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

2 years ago
Issue 45

We get well and truly off the beaten track as we head far north to the land of fire and ice. Tom McNally straps everything he needs to his bike and sets off for an adventure of a lifetime into the interior and lives to tell the tale.

4 years ago
Issue 3

In keeping with our muddy theme we put a few of the more winter-orientated treads out there to the test.

11 years ago

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