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GO3 Camera by Insta360

THE SPEEDWAY (words by Tanner Stephens)

The setting sun begins to erase surrounding distractions. Stadium lights gently flicker on as a collection of misfits line the fences, spilling upwards into the bleachers. A damp dirt stage sits on display. The show begins.

The moments to follow are what have guided many of us on the path to who we have become. The moments in which we see the impossible become possible. Times which have served as a guiding light in our search for that feeling of bliss. The euphoric juncture of chaos and control.

Watching and riding motorcycles as a young kid, growing up at the track and in the desert, set forth the desire to achieve the status of super human… A fallacy which cannot truly be achieved, nevertheless we find ourselves attempting to break free from the chains of past possibilities as we grip the bars tighter, willing our bikes to do what we believe possible.

Created by Drew Boxold and Tanner Stephens
Words by Tanner Stephens
Color by Marco Buschini
Music by Built to Spill

Thu 26th Oct, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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