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From learning how to ride at three, trying to do a wheelie at four, and jumping into racing as soon he was allowed, cycling
has been an integral part of Innes Graham’s life for as long as he can remember. And while he sped through the youth ranks to be a pro as a young age, the highs also came accompanied by lows of injury and long times off the bike with the questions and mental lows that come with them.

A serious 2016 World Cup DH training run crash and a broken femur led to Innes stepping away from the mountain bike and the obligations and structures which had taken over riding as a pro. He found peace on a BMX where his innate feel for being on two wheels led to him quickly making a splash and returning to the scene, but with a new perspective and under-standing of where riding fit in this life.

In “Finding the Balance in the Tweed Valley”, a new short film directed by Liam Moss, Innes rides his local Tweed Valley trails and opens up about his lifelong passion for riding and the mental health struggles he’s overcome along the way. As a coach for the prestigious Dirt School, 7mesh ambassador, and UCI EDR series competitor, riding still fills up every corner of his life, but with that elusive balance or riding for work and keeping the love for the bike alive.

After all the ups and downs, when it all gets too much, the best way for Innes to get stoked on bikes again, is riding bikes.

Tue 7th Nov, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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