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Back with another installment of “Inside The Line”  where we dive into the behind-the-scenes and insights of our World Cup race teams during a World Cup season.

The UR Team’s Kye A’Hern takes over this episode. Kye finds time during the busy World Cup season to put some big days on the downhill bike in the bikepark. This makes it a prime time to bolt on new products for testing. It’s not always about testing like F1 with sheets of data, machine testing, sometimes it’s simply riders having fun going as fast as they can.

Morzine is a popular location during the break of the World Cup season for many teams simply because of its location and variety of incredible tracks that offer fast, steep, tech and fun flow jump trails. Kye uses this opportunity to get comfy finding new lines and sending gaps to get the juices flowing and to keep that racing edge fresh in the mind when the gate drops.

The relaxed atmosphere and down time for some can be the perfect reset heading back into the season and for others it can be the opposite, if they are finding the flow and riding well before the break, the last thing you want is some downtime.

Kye Quote:
“Having big bike park days in between races is sick, not only is it super fun to get out and shred some sweet trails, it’s also a great to put time on a new product or to get comfy on a new setup.

One of my favourite things to do is to go out on my DH bike and try to find new lines and some sweet gaps. Days like this makes me stoked on bikes and reminds me why I race bikes, because I love it!”

Thu 16th Nov, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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