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Commencal IC Studio ventured into uncharted territory, marking their inaugural international journey as a cohesive team. Expanding their mountain biking expertise beyond the familiar European landscape, the team conquered challenging trails in Snowshoe, USA, and navigated the renowned Mont Sainte-Anne in Canada. Despite grappling with mechanical hurdles throughout the race weekends, the team’s resilience and dedication fuelled a valuable learning experience.

Amidst the frustrations of mechanical challenges, Commencal IC Studio emerged triumphantly with newfound insights. The setbacks served as catalysts for improvement, prompting the team to fine-tune their bike settings. This strategic refinement positions them ahead of the curve as they eagerly anticipate the challenges of the upcoming year.

“MSA and Snowshoe was two hard races for me with punctures and crash.. but we learn a lot and find good settings for next year with my mechanics! We have the chance to have this group of people with us to work all the year. Now it’s time to work to prepare 2024 season.

Beyond the rigors of competition, the team crafted enduring memories in these two remarkable destinations. Snowshoe, USA, and Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada, became the canvas for a journey that transcended racing. Commencal IC Studio left an indelible mark, not only in the tracks they conquered but in the shared camaraderie and experiences that will resonate throughout their collective memory.”

– Thomas Estaque

“That was an incredible human experience, with the team, I even can say with a group of friends. We was so happy to help Roee in those two races, to help him to ride those dreams tracks! Can’t wait to work for the next season now.

This overseas escapade was not merely a test of physical prowess but a testament to the team’s unity and determination. The challenges encountered on foreign soil have become stepping stones for Commencal IC Studio’s evolution, setting the stage for a promising future. As they return from this international odyssey, the team carries not only the weight of their bikes but also the invaluable lessons, lasting memories, and a strengthened bond that will propel them to new heights in the seasons to come.”

– Matteo Iniguez

“That was the first team of the trip out of Europe. An amazing experience with a beautiful crowd in both destinations! Despite the mechanicals we had, we see some really interesting things during those weeks. Matteo was really close of a top 5/10 in snowshoe quali so this is a good omen for the future.”

– Gaetan Clary, Team Manager

Tue 21st Nov, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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