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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Underexposed is a self-filmed and produced series by Pivot Cycles athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in places that may be unfamiliar to many. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for.

“As magnetic as the Pacific Northwest is, the mountains found just to the east of Gold Beach carry their own gravitational pull. The Siskiyou Mountains are a sub-range of the Klamath Mountains that run for about 100 miles from the Rogue River in the northernmost stretch to the northern California town of Crescent City along the southern terminus. The mountains are relatively young, having formed about 65 million years ago. Theyre not especially tall mountains, but they are steep, rugged and receive ample amounts of rain, particularly along the western portion of the range. The pavement ends just a few miles east of town, and as you drive into the mountains along the Rogue River toward the trails, it becomes immediately evident that you are headed somewhere not a whole lot of eyes have seen firsthand.”

– Brice Shirbach

Thu 14th Dec, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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