A sold out crowd of 5,000 excited fans celebrated Rónán Dunne (IRL) as he took out the first place position in Red Bull Hardline Tasmania at Maydena Bike Park. Rounding out the top three Bernard Kerr (GBR) in second and George Brannigan (NZL) in third.

The event today also saw huge progression for the female competitors on the long technical course. Wildcard entry Gracey Hemstreet (CAN) and Louise-Anna Ferguson (GBR) were the first ever female riders to compete in the Red Bull Hardline Final, the first time in ten years, since the creation of the event. Tahnee Seagrave (GBR), Harriet Burbidge-Smith (AUS), Hannah Bergemann (USA) and Cami Nogueira (ARG) did not qualify for the Final.

Taking the track today were 27 riders, with Tasmania’s own Darcy Coutts unfortunately unnable to compete due to an injury, following an impressive 3:10.722 qualifying time yesterday.

Red Bull Hardline Tasmania Final results:

1. Rónán Dunne IRL (3:08.145)
2. Bernard Kerr GBR (3:10.021)
3. George Brannigan NZL (3:11.021)
4. Matteo Ingiuez FRA (3:13.047)
5. Connor Fearon AUS (3:13.469)
6. Laurie Greenland GBR (3:14.177)
7. Sam Gale NZL (3:14.700)
8. Sam Blenkinsop NZL (3:14.721)
9. Theo Erlangsen RSA (3:15.807)
10. Gaeton Vige FRA (3:15.844)
11. Brook MacDonald NZL (3:16.607)
12. Baxter Maiwald AUS (3:18.072)
13. Adam Brayton GBR (3:18.508)
14. Thibault Laly FRA (3:18.727)
15. Kaos Seagrave GBR (3:20.832)
16. Vincent Tupin FRA (3:21.447)
17. Jim Monro GBR (3:22.525)
18. Dennis Luffman GBR (3:25.487)
19. Johny Salido MEX (3:36.340)
20. Remy Morton AUS (3:45.607)
21. Matt Jones GBR (3:54.107)
22. Gracey Hemstreet CAN (3:56.586)
23. Reed Boggs USA (3:59.562)
24. Thoomas Genon BEL (4:19.916)
25. Louise-Anna Ferguson GBR (5:08.412)
26. Dan Booker AUS (DNF)
27. Jackson Goldstone CAN (DNF)

Thu 29th Feb, 2024 @ 9:30 am

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