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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Last Summer was a heavy one for the Dig Crew! The park was bursting at the seams with a record number of laps by a record number of riders which meant countless hours of trail maintenance. On top of that, the weather around Red Bull Hardline made winter look dry! Come Autumn it was clearly time for some fun … so where would they spend their winters?

Jim Monro and Dennis Luffman flew South to NZ, where the sun shines, the dirt is good and the vibes are all time! The boys took full advantage of some of the best riding in the world while catching up with a huge crew, sending super-sized jumps and railing the dusty corners of Queenstown before hitting the skatepark… and the odd party!

Jim said “We’ve just been riding as much as we can, hardly working so we live super cheap! It’s been sick, the S170 is a beast of a bike, I’ve given it a good thrashing all through the NZ summer doing DH laps all day. I’ve been flipping it, spinning it and it goes well, deffo a sick all-rounder. I’m pretty stoked to spend more time on one of these rigs”

Half a world away there’s still a Bike Park to run so of course Dan Atherton wintered in the Dyfi! Shred Mansion’s Alf Raynor and Alfie Heming stayed to help, braving the Welsh weather to keep the tracks in top condition … but when the sun came out so did the prototype Atherton S170s for some serious abuse!

The film was directed, edited and filmed at Dyfi Bike Park by local production crew Peny, headed up by a long-time friend of the Atherton family, Robbie Meade. New Zealand footage was filmed by Tom Booker, Etzioprodigy while Visual identity for the campaign including graphics and animation were provided by another talented Dyfi regular, Dora Grabkowska.

The original soundtrack consists of two new songs by DJ Furnz, “Angel Riddim” and “Told you Once”. DJ Furnz is 20 year-old BMX and DH rider Will Hearn who said ‘When I was composing these songs I had a clear picture in my head of exactly this kind of fast-paced, high-energy riding so it was sick to see what the boys brought to the edit.”

Dan Atherton, Continental Atherton
Alf Raynor, Dyfi Dig crew/ Shred Mansion
Jim Monro Dyfi Dig crew/ Shred Mansion
Dennis Luffman Dyfi Dig crew/ Shred Mansion
Alfie Heming, Dyfi Dig Crew/ 50 to 1

Film and edit:
Robbie Meade and Max Callan at Peny
NZ film crew : Tom Booker etzio prodigy
Dyfi filmin : Robbie Meade, Peny

Imagery: Dan Griffiths
Music: DJ Furnz – https://soundcloud.com/furze-56285456…
Graphics and Animation : Dora Grabkowska

Mon 1st Apr, 2024 @ 9:30 pm

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