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8 months ago

We finally got the chance to head over and see what work @Sam Reynolds has been up to in his backyard. It’s insane, he’s been…

1 year ago

Brendog on a dream bike in a dream location on dream trails - Madeira. Dreamy.

1 year ago

For years, Brendan has been deceiving us... Could we see Brendan slip on those dancing shoes and take up the XC reigns? Nah, who are…

1 year ago

Steve Peat, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds & myself head to wales for a lads-on-tour MTB work trip too Revolutions & Dyfi Bike park!…

2 years ago

From the island of Madeira to the snowy mountains in France, Brendan Fairclough travels the world to bike some of the most beautiful MTB trails…

2 years ago

Needless to say - please don't try this at home! It looks like Brendan Fairclough is continually trying to get more creative with what he…

2 years ago

As Brendan says, We headed out with Olly Wilkins in to the Surrey Hills slop. We chose the ebikes today as it’s just been raining…

2 years ago

Not all build are easy, not all projects are a success. In Episode 4 of “A Dog’s Life,” We follow Brendan Fairclough and crew to…

2 years ago

Who better to give a skills masterclass on jumping than none other Brendan Fairclough! This week we decided to teach my filmer Beney the fundamentals…