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2 years ago

Ride or Die was created by a crew of friends gathered together on the Sunshine coast living the ultimate mountain biker’s dream. Everything we did…

3 years ago

A video from the Coastal Crew? That means it's time to stop what you're doing, get the kettle on, make yourself comfortable and click play!…

3 years ago

The Coast Gravity Park offers some of the best bike riding in the world. Built in partnership with the guys from the Coastal Crew with…

6 years ago

I'm sure it's not just us that gets excited when a fresh Coastal Crew teaser comes out, right?

6 years ago

The Coastal Crew appear to be working on something new for Summer 2017.  Is anyone else as excited as we are? Specialized and 2F0 Present…

6 years ago

Definitely don't watch the Coastal Crew ripping it through the woods. I mean, who wants to see a fast riding trail packed with gaps, hips…

6 years ago

Watch this and listen to the sounds of fat tyres on loamy woodland trails. How about some of BC's finest loam-covered singletrack to get you…

7 years ago

How are they doing this? This one is going to mess with your senses a bit. It's always going to be a good day when…

8 years ago

Follow Coastal Crew riders, Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton as they let their riding doing the talking, flowing through Coast Gravity Park - hands down one of…