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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Ride or Die was created by a crew of friends gathered together on the Sunshine coast living the ultimate mountain biker’s dream. Everything we did revolved around biking. We not only vocalized ‘Ride or Die’ but we quickly began using sharpies to tag things around the house including fridges, pizza boxes, helmets, trucks and, of course, our bikes.

Once we shaped a logo we were stoked on, and printed out the first custom batch of stickers, there was no stopping where the Ride or Die logo would live and travel to. We rocked it, our buddies rocked it, and from there it gained massive popularity. We never had intentions of building a lifestyle brand out of what originated as an inside joke, but we saw an opportunity and ran with it. With the money earned we decided to use the funds towards projects in the bike community. We knew we had all of the resources to make something that the MTB world could get behind. With the motto, logo, filmers, and riders it was a perfect recipe for something fun.

Ride or Die grew to a point where we had enough money saved up to do a video project. Luckily our friends at the Coast Gravity Park believed in us enough to create a signature trail with us to film, and then later open to public.

Ride or Die is a collaboration between Ryan Howard, Logan Peat, Paul Genovese, and Nic Genovese. Ride or Die as a whole would not be possible without you—the consumer, supporter, and friend.

Thank you to everyone supporting Ride or Die, here is our first video project. Funded by riders, for riders.

– Ride or Die

Thu 22nd Oct, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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