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3 months ago

After a wet and cold race in Zermatt Joe takes the time to share a few of his bike set up tips from the weekend.…

8 months ago

Joe Barnes was in need of some action and get the blood pumping - and the only safe way was to invent some virtual reality!…

8 months ago

Joe heads out back for his daily dose of exercise, eats a tangerine and tracks a dear off the mountain.

11 months ago

When it comes to forks, it seems that lately, the main topic has been to increase stiffness at all costs. But are we sure that…

12 months ago

What does it take to produce a mountain bike fork? This time we want to bring you inside the Formula Factory and show you a…

1 year ago

Pass me a pillow, there's another dream bike build on the way and it's a pretty special one! Gee Milner knows how to get us…

1 year ago

A fascinating, insightful video interviewing one of mountain biking's most outspoken characters - Chris Porter: In the next eleven minutes, you will probably learn more…

1 year ago

5 minutes of trail-shredding gold from Joe Barnes aboard his new dream build Orange Five... enjoy!

2 years ago

Ever dreamed of ditching the rat race and embarking on a once in a lifetime bikepacking trip of awesomely epic proportions? Escape the grind with…