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3 years ago

Hopefully this short little video from Scott Bicycles will get the buzz going for riding mountain bikes, no matter what type!

4 years ago

The boss can rip - that's a fact. just under a minute of Rémy Absalon showing you that E-Bikes really are just as fun.

4 years ago

In this episode of Shimano TV's 'Make Your Mark' we get to find out the story of enduro legend himself Rémy Absalon and what makes...

7 years ago

That moment when you and a very good mate play cat and mouse through the meadows and forests on board a pair of great bikes...

7 years ago

Take a majestic, mesmeric ride down the Mountain of Hell with none other than the king of the mountain himself, Rémy Absalon on board the...

7 years ago

When that famous Euro-mental music explodes from the speakers atop Pic Blanc at a breath-taking 3,300m, you know you're in for one hell of a...

7 years ago

What goes in to designing and developing a world class suspension fork? Well it helps if you get a load of top class riders from...

8 years ago

In 2015 Remy Absalon on a 29 Auron took the win. The mix of perfectly balanced suspension, lightness, stiffness and durability was probably not the...

8 years ago

Is this the world's best singletrack? Rémy Absalon has a question for you. Watch the Scott pro shred Les Vosges on board his Genius LT...