News Tagged: 'Wipe Out Wednesdays'

2 months ago

Something to take your mind off things this week, enjoy this little compilation of crashes for #WipeoutWednesday!

3 months ago

5 and a half minutes of pure carnage - enjoy!

3 months ago

There's some painful one's in this weeks #WipeoutWednesday!

3 months ago

This Wednesday we bring you yet another compilation of crashes and fails, some of epic proportion!

4 months ago

More crashes than you can shake a stick into some bicycle wheels with!

4 months ago

This weeks #WipeoutWednesday is brought to you by the Gravity Freaks with their epic compilation of all their crashes from 2019!

4 months ago

This week's #WipeoutWednesday comes from the southern hemisphere, in particular from riders in and around Wellington, New Zealand - enjoy!

5 months ago

This week's #WipeoutWednesday is brought to you by the kids at 'Banana Bike' in Wellington, looks like they're made of hardy stuff in the southern…

5 months ago

Welcome folks to the first #WipeoutWednesday of 2020 - you're in for a treat this week with nearly 10 minutes (!) of crashes, fails and…