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7 months ago

Want to go ride your bike? Then maybe don't watch this video... It's Wipeout Wednesday!

8 months ago

If you're planning on riding your bike shortly, maybe don't watch this video...

9 months ago

5 minutes of riders struggling to keep it rubber side down!

9 months ago

Hopefully by now you've watched the latest video featuring Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle - This and That. Well, it doesn't all go to plan…

9 months ago

10 minutes of non-stop crashes and carnage for you to savour this fine Wednesday...

10 months ago

Wipeout Wednesday this week is a Liam Moynihan special! Everyone loves a disaster, so I decided to stick all the crashes and some of the…

10 months ago

It's Wednesday, that means it's time for some wipeouts! Enjoy...

10 months ago

A compilation of crashes and fails for when it inevitably goes very, very wrong...

11 months ago

We'll be surprised if anyone can get through the whole 15 minute video but here's quarter of an hour of non-stop crashing!!