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"Singletrack Mind: Finding Wisdom & the Poetry of Life on Two Wheels" is about the spirit of mountain biking in wild places. This is a mountain biking adventure travel book that leans into earth wisdom, spirituality and includes a sprinkling of poetry. Price: 20 USD

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Albert Flynn Desilver’s paperback book has 58 pages and was published at the end of last year. It features images of the renowned Matthias Frederikson and endorsements from Hans “No Way” Rey among others. It is a nice collection of essays that explore the writer's early beginnings into the sport and how riding overlaps with community, nature and exploration.

Out on the trail

In a time of TikTok clips and YouTube Shorts, it is refreshing to return to a proven classic format of paper and ink. When the weather was howling outside, and I really could not be bothered to go riding, I grabbed Alberts book and a big cuppa tea.

The book starts out with a more chronological storyline, on how he got sucked into riding bikes off road, the early adventures and social society that made up his youth. But its not before long he shifts into a more philosophical tone of voice.

From stories on riding buddies (everyone seems to have a few weirdos in their riding group and if you don’t know any, it’s probably you) and Albert finds the most creative and entertaining ways to describe their characters. He really brings a less ‘mucho macho’ vibe of biking to the foreground, something we all feel but is rarely portrayed in mountain biking journalism and media.

With the winter blasting on outside, his writing style had me wishing for a few more pages of singletrack inspired poetry and anecdotes. Perhaps he is planning a more in depth hardcover coffee table book for next Christmas? Would make a great gift for under the tree…


Albert created a lovely book that is a great tool to let you  explore a more poetic side of riding bikes. Easy and entertaining to read, it makes a great gift to a friend or yourself!

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This review was in Issue 75 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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