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RIDE 100% updated their cover photo.
RIDE 100% updated their cover photo.
1 week ago

We are proud to unveil our all new protection line.
Ranging from a lightweight xc option to and burly, Level 2 rated option, it is now our job to beat defend in all circumstances with the utmost comfort.
Available worldwide now! http://www.ride100percent.com
#ride100percent #mtbgear #protection

100% posted a photo
1 week ago

We are proud to unveil our all new protection line.
Ranging from a lightweight xc option to a burly, Level 2 rated option, it is now our job to best defend in all circumstances with the utmost comfort.
Available worldwide now! http://www.ride100percent.com
#ride100percent #mtbgear #protection

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1 week ago

Kitted from head to ankle will also be Pedro Burns and the rest of the Trek Factory Racing team; including Ruaridh Cunningham and Katy Winton.
The Enduro World Series is fast approaching.
#ride100percent #mtbgear #trekfactoryracing

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1 week ago

More additions to the 100% family get a warm welcome with Emily Batty leading the charge, along with Anton Cooper, Jolanda Neff , Evie Richards and Ellen Noble
The entire Trek Factory Racing team will be running our eyewear and gloves for years to come.
#ride100percent #performanceeyewear #trekfactoryracing

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1 week ago

With the season ready to fire off, the Trek Factory DH unveiled their new look. We are excited to kit up the boys; Reece Wilson DH athlete, Charlie Harrison, Kade Edwards and Ethan Shandro throughout the season. Ethan Shandro started off with a win and Charlie Harrison_ got his year started with a second; both at Windrock.
#ride100percent #mtbgear #trekfactoryracing

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1 week ago

Another day at the races with the Accuri Galak.
📸- Dave Trumpore
#ride100percent #accuri #goggles #sx

100% posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Ready to drop in with Zakarias Johansenn, his Aircraft helmet and Racecraft goggles.
#ride100percent #mtbgear

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2 weeks ago

Today we join and support those who dare to break barriers, disrupt the norm and build up everyone and everything surrounding. Join in celebrating all women in International Women’s Day.
#ride100percent #womensday

100% is inspiring a whole new generation of racers and asking them the original tag line, “How much effort do you give”? 100% - http://www.ride100percent.com
100%, "How much effort do you give?"

Back in 1982, with just a hundred bucks to his name, the likeable young Drew Lien - then Jim Holley's mechanic - came up with a cable guide and a stick-on heat shield as leading products for a new company he was dreaming of starting.

"Everything back then was alphabetical" said Drew Lien in a 2004 interview ; "DG, FMF, CMC, HRP, and so on. So I thought that "DRP" (Drew's Racing Products) would be an awesome name! (Laughter).... My buddy Chuck told me not to name it that. So I went home, and I was sitting on the couch, looking at a poster I had of Bob Hannah, who was number 100 one year. And I thought, "What does it take to win? You've got to give it 100% like Bob does…". And I named her "100%" on the spot. And what's funny is, everyone, and I mean everyone, told me not to name her that! And the truth is, that name is what has sustained her popularity today. She just seems to mean something to people."

This noticeable 100% logo started to appear out of nowhere on factory bikes, riders' jerseys and chest protectors.
Not just any rider....we're talking Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, David Bailey, Jeff Ward...the cream of the crop.
To this day, it is very rare that a logo or saying comes along so strong that Hall of Fame athletes choose to run it without any agents or contracts or business discussed.

30 years have passed since those days many still call the golden age of motocross and in spite of the brand's ups and downs, the logo and its strong meaning has stayed synonymous of iconic moments and images which have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross.

Today, 100% is about to inspire a whole new generation of racers and ask them the original tag line, “How much effort do you give?”.
Expect a news release about the upcoming product line this January 2012, before Anaheim 1.

As Drew said back in 2004 : "Just a big, big thank you to anyone who ever saw that 100% logo, and "got" what it is all about. That's all I ever wanted."

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(619) 876-4202
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Issue 57

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4 weeks ago
Issue 56

We catch up with Alastair Beckett, bike designer extraordinaire, and responsible for some of the most successful bikes on the race circuit. Alistair talks about bike design, the rise of the high pivot bike and what the future may hold for mountain bikes.

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Issue 56

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Issue 55

Win a GoPro Hero6 camera this issue!

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Issue 55

The Tweed Valley has come of age. No longer just a trail centre, the valley offers such a vast amount of riding it is hard to ignore and is drawing visitors from around the globe. From downhill to XC and everything in between, is this the finest British mountain bike destination?

7 months ago
Issue 55

From privateer to Factory pro, Katy Winton has experienced the full gambit of Enduro racing and now sits firmly at the top level with the fastest racers in the world. Ewen Turner catches up with her at the British Champs and finds out how life has changed since the early days.

7 months ago
Issue 54

Damian Rosso puts down the skis and escapes the end of the winter in France, heading to Montreal then Vermont to ride some lesser known spots and have some adventures at Highland Bike Park.

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It's been an exciting start to the World Cup season with new winners, new venues, injuries, and crashes galore. The FS Funn Factory team are here to give us the latest on the first three rounds of action from the world stage.

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Issue 50

Hidden in the South West of England, Exmoor is a sleepy national park frequented mostly by seaside holidaymakers. Ewen Turner takes a trip to race the Ex Enduro and finds out there is another side to Exmoor, one that involves fantastic trails, good times and great people.

1 year ago
Issue 50

Ben Winder heads down to the Italian Riviera to soak up the sun and atmosphere surrounding the final race in the Enduro World Series Calendar. Between espressos he explores the racing and finds out quite how difficult and tight the racing is at the top level of enduro.

1 year ago
3 years ago

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Issue 56 Sat 16th Feb, 2019

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Issue 55 Fri 19th Oct, 2018

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Reflex Mk2 and a Diablo Mk5 Light from Exposure


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Pedros Apprentice Tool Kit


Issue 23 Mon 17th Jun, 2013

Superstar Components Wheels and Pedals


Issue 22 Tue 16th Apr, 2013

Brand New iPad Mini


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Go Pro 3 and Goodies From One Industries


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