BBB Cycling Scope 1500 2018 Mountain Bike Review

BBB Cycling Scope 1500 2018

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At A Glance

BBB Cycling started out as a small company in 1998, and has since grown to an international scale. Their ambition is to provide quality products, while keeping modest prices in mind. The Scope 1500 is the first light that BBB have designed that is intended for off-road use; it is the perfect companion on technical terrain, with a mammoth 1500 lumens to light the way.

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The external battery pack allows for individual preference in regard to mounting options, with the potential for the light to be used both on your helmet and your handlebars. The Scope 1500 also boasts a rapid charging time of only three hours, making it ideal for some spontaneous night time riding!

On The Trail

The light comes with two mounts that allow for optimum functionality and adaptability when out on the trail. The handlebar mount cleverly protrudes and centralises, giving the beam clearance over the cables. This results in the elimination of unwanted shadowing or glare, which is one less niggle towards a distraction-free ride.

The light clips with ease to each mount, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two whenever you feel the need, without the stress of having to fiddle with attachments. In addition to this, the external two-cell battery pack is pleasantly compact, with a robust Velcro strap to hold it securely in place. Alternatively, when running the light on your helmet, the cable extension, which exceeds one metre, allows you to comfortably store the battery pack inside your rucksack, without restricting your ability to ride.

The light itself is competitively lightweight, coming in at just 110g; another factor which makes it suitable for helmet use. A disadvantage of this light is the relatively short battery life, although savvy use of the four different power modes may provide you with a bit more scope here. If used on a ride that requires substantial application of the 1500 lumen super beam, you will likely have between 1.5 – 2 hours to play with. However, if you have the opportunity to frequently dim the light, only using the super beam sparingly, you might be fortunate enough to bag over three hours of riding time!


Although this is not necessarily the cheapest product on the market, quality has not been compromised here, making it an extremely worthwhile purchase. Personally, I found the Scope 1500 best used as a helmet light, and it is sufficiently bright to be used successfully on its own. However, I feel the potential of this light could be increased if used in conjunction with an additional bar mounted light, for added confidence when riding at speed. If you’re looking for a powerful light that combines carefree with capability, then BBB’s Scope 1500 certainly fits the bill!

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By Andrea Griffiths
Having sensibly moved to the mountains for university, Andrea quickly discovered the world of mountain biking, and rapidly fell in love with it. Not looking back, she has since explored the finest trails and sought out adventures on two wheels wherever she has travelled. As long as she's riding bikes, she is happy.

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