MagicShine Monteer 8000 V2 2022 Mountain Bike Review

MagicShine Monteer 8000 V2 2022

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At a glance

The Monteer 8000 V2 is Magicshine’s top level MTB light. Equipped with an external 10.000 mAh battery and a remote control, it bursts out a whopping 8000 lumens. Price: 419 USD

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About the brand

Magicshine is based in Shenzen China and has been in the light making business since 1999. Besides bike specific lights, they have a wide range of lights for hunting, camping, law enforcement and the outdoors.

All Magicshine lights come with a 24 months warranty, and if you register your new lights online they will give you an additional 6 months warranty.

When it comes to sustainability, there is nothing to be found on their website. You are however able to purchase spare parts and if needed send in your light for repair even if outside the warranty period. It would be nice to see them use plastic free packaging and the use of recycled cardboard.

The product

The Monteer 8000 V2 light uses 5 LED lights in an alloy housing to provide an impressive 8000 lumens of light. It has an IPX 5 waterproof rating, which means it can handle low pressure water sprays for a sustained period. It has 4 different settings offering a run time between 1.5 and 32 hours according to Magicshine.

To power the light it comes with a 10.000mAh battery that outputs 7.2V, making it a 72Wh unit. It can be charged with a regular USB-C cable and can double as a powerbank to charge your phone or other equipment if needed.

The battery can be strapped to your bike, or in case you’re using it as a head light the cable is long enough to keep the battery in your backpack. To use it as a headlight you do need the helmet adapter which retails for an additional 10 USD.

Out on the trail

When taking the Magicshine light out of the box, we were quite impressed. The build quality is solid and the connectors are not flimsy at all. The battery pack has a protective foam to make sure your frame does not get scratched, although I would advise to add some protective tape on the contact points just to be sure.

The light clamp bolts on in a second, and once you have organised the cables with some zip-ties, the system is ready to go.

Our first ride was shall we say, enlightening? The power of the beam is impressive, but as anyone knows who has done some proper night riding, the shape of the beam is equally important. If the light beam is too concentrated, you’ll miss the details closer by or further away from your wheel making riding at speed tricky business. The Monteer 8000 beam is nice and wide, giving you plenty of peripheral view for technical trail riding.

When night riding it’s best to combine a headlight with a handlebar mounted, just so you are able to point a beam in the direction where you want to go as well as where your handlebars are aiming at. Still the Monteer 8000 had enough power to handle the job singlehanded.

When climbing I tend to have the light in the lowest setting, plenty of light to see and who wants to see how much more there is to climb anyway? On the descents I generally opted for the second most powerful setting, as this was more than enough light to see where we were headed.

Only on really high speed sections I’d switch to the highest beam setting. My local trails tend to be one big up followed by a long down, but if your style of riding has lots of up / down switches on a loop, I’d recommend also buying the wireless remote control for an additional 20 USD (MJ 6396).

Another reason for the remote control is the heat build up in the light itself. Especially in the highest beam setting the outer casing of the light gets very warm, and you should operate the button with caution. The housing does have machined fins to keep the temperature under control.


All in all, we love the Monteer 8000 V2. It’s great value, an amazing power combined with a nice wide beam and the battery is powerful enough to keep you riding for a good 120-180 minutes. It would be amazing to have some kind of visual on how much battery life you have left, but to be fair that’s nitpicking, especially at this price point. Combine this with one of their lower powered lights, the helmet mount and remote control to get properly equipped for some epic night riding adventures!

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This review was in Issue 69 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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