Exposure Lights Diablo Mk7  2016 Mountain Bike Review

Exposure Lights Diablo Mk7 2016

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For years I struggled with a helmet light with a battery pack, getting cables wrapped around my neck or strapping batteries to my helmet. I longed for a simple light with no cables, but still with enough power to ride with. The Diablo has been doing just this for years, and now at Mk7, it's become a very refined piece of kit, no cables and totally weather proof.

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With 1300 lumens on full power, it has enough output to deal with a lot of riding scenarios. With programme one selected the Diablo gives one hour on full, three on medium and six on low. Medium power is fine for climbing or easy riding, but low is more of a get-you-home light, or for use on the road to be seen rather than see. The helmet mount is easy to assemble and allow plenty of options for different helmet types and can be pointed in multiple directions with a ball joint mounting; there is also a bar mount supplied.

I preferred the helmet mount as I feel the light is more useful as you can look around corners and allows you to ride accurately through technical features. At higher speeds, the 1300 lumens doesn't quite give the power required to feel day-time levels of confidence, but given its size, it is very impressive. Couple this with a decent bar mounted light though, and you have the perfect set up!

Switching between power settings can be done easily enough with the button on the back of the light, but Exposure have added a neat feature in the form of a tap operated switch. This means, once selected; you can cycle through the three output levels by tapping the light body, which allows for easy switching with gloves or while riding. Battery power is displayed through a coloured light on the back and charging is via a mains or USB cable in three hours.


A sleek and compact package providing enough power for all but the fastest and technical trails. Great for short rides on its own, or combine with a bar mount and save the Diablo for the descents.

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This review was in Issue 39 of IMB.

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By Ewen Turner
Ewen Turner is a self-confessed bike geek from Kendal in the Lake District of England. He runs a coaching and guiding business up there and has a plethora of knowledge about bikes with an analytical approach to testing. His passion for bicycles is infectious, and he’s a ripper on the trails who prefers to fit his working life around his time on the bike.

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