Canyon Bicycles Stitch360 2021 Mountain Bike Review

Canyon Bicycles Stitch360 2021

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At a glance

German bike brand Canyon has three different dirt jump bikes in their range, we take a look at the entry level Stitched 360. Built around an alloy frame and single speed setup it is perfect for riding dirt jumps and pump tracks.

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About the brand

In 1985 two brothers started a bike shop called Radsport Arnold in the German town of Koblenz. From the very start, they were heavily involved in racing and from the mid 90’s the shop started trading online. In 1996 the first Canyon branded bikes were sold, and since then the brand has exploded. Currently the company is the leading online only bicycle brand and has more than 1000 employees.
There is no information on their website with regards to any environmental goals, sustainability goals and how they promote diversity within the company.

The product

The Stitched 360 comes equipped with Manitou Circus Sport coil forks with a 20mm through axle. The stem and handlebar are Race Face Chesters, and to slow you down you have to trust the Sram Level T rear brake. The front brake delivered with the bike is a simple mechanical disc brake with no real stopping power to speak of. Race Face Aeffect cranks and a KMC chain provide the means to turn muscle power into forward movement. The Canyons own hubs are built into a set of Alex FR30 rims. Maxxis DTH 2.3 tires deliver the grip and all these goodies are built on to an aluminium chassis. Stack is set at 555mm, and the reach on the size L is 417mm. The head angle is 68.5 degrees, and if you feel like geeking over all the numbers you can always go to the very well built Canyon website. For 999 GBP / 999 EUR you can order this bike, and it will show up at your doorstep nicely boxed, with a tool kit included to put it together.

Out on the trail

As Canyon is an online only brand the bike comes boxed. This means you need to install the front wheel, saddle, seatpost and handlebars yourself. Just in case you don’t have the basic tools to do this, Canyon supplies you with a handy mini tool and how to video. Set up was done in about 15 minutes, so no big deal for anyone who knows the basics of bike mechanics.

First thing we notice when pedalling off is the big gear. Although great on the bmx track or if your dirt jumps have a big roll in, when setting off from a standstill you definitely need to flex your quads to get going.

Once on the move, the Stitch is really responsive and agile. The alloy frame is stiff which is great for cornering and gives a nice pop off jumps, but not very forgiving on the landings.The Manitou forks work well, although they lack adjustability and a lockout option. Keep that in mind if you are a non average rider (lighter or heavier). One downside of the 20mm front axle setup is that it makes getting a fork upgrade over time harder to find, as most higher end DJ forks come with a 15mm TA. You can’t get an adapter for your front hub either, so changing the forks means also changing your wheelset (or front wheel at least) too. So if you’re after more adjustable forks, have a look at their more expensive Stitched 360 PRO model.

On the geometry side, Canyon says their L sized bike is suited for people from 170 - 200cm, which in our eyes is a bit optimistic. Anyone taller than 185cm will struggle with the shorter reach on this bike, especially while cornering it felt a bit cramped.

The shorter riders in our test crew however loved the position on the bike, and the short 383mm chainstays make this bike super easy to manual. Up in the air the bike is easy to throw around, great for impressing the crowd with tricks.


Overall we are really impressed with the Stitched 360. For the taller riders the geometry isn’t ideal but for most the bike is a great fit. Components and frame are high quality and very strong for an extremely good price. Depending on where you ride it, you could consider getting a smaller chainring to make pedalling easier. Other than that, get it ordered and hit the local pump track!

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This review was in Issue 65 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
Jarno's life has revolved around two wheels ever since he swung a leg over his first BMX at age 4. After a BMX and DH racing career, he moved on to work for bike shops, distributors and brands before ending up in the editors seat at IMB. Based in the ultimate testing ground in the Swiss mountains, he runs his guiding operation and makes sure every IMB issue is filled with top notch content.

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