Nukeproof Mega TR 275 Comp  2014 Mountain Bike Review

Nukeproof Mega TR 275 Comp 2014

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At A Glance

The Nukeproof Mega has been around for a few years and has had a few tweaks along the way. This eventually leading to a split into two models; the longer travel AM that we tested in issue 28 and the more trail orientated 130mm TR that we have here. For 2014 Nukeproof have also added the ‘number one must-have upgrade’ for trail/enduro riders, the addition of 27.5 wheels.

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Marketed as do-it-all bike for those that like to attack the downhills, it screams fun without draining your wallet as soon as you open the box, but does it live up to it?

On The Trail

With 130mm of rear wheel travel, a 67˚ head angle and a wide/short cockpit, the TR was clearly designed for the more fun side of all day riding, but as an all day bike it also needs to get you up to the descents and flowing singletrack.

The bikes climbing ability was the first aspect put under the microscope, with a tough rutted climb topping out at just over 15% putting both bike and rider to the test from the start! Although not a mountain goat, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it climbed, with its no thrills/no lockout Monarch shock, handling remarkably better than its aggressive image would lead you to believe. With a short 50mm stem, riders who love the downhills will be more than happy with the cockpit set up. However, if getting times on the climbs is your bag, a slightly longer stem would add a little more control on the very technical ascents. As trail bikes go the Mega TR in it’s stock set up handles most climbs with aplomb and of course what goes up must come down…

After cresting the hill and lowering the saddle the TR really comes to life! Diving into tight, twisty singletrack was a pleasure, with the 650B wheels allowing you to get to speed quickly and carry it down the whole trail. It was clear that this was where the bike belonged; the 130mm of rear travel was just the right amount to keep the smile going from top to bottom, with the confidence growing as you go. There is something very rewarding about this category of bike, and the Mega TR is no different. The smaller amount of travel and slightly steeper angles just make the bike feel so much livelier when riding on regular trails. Of course pointing it down the really steep stuff you’ll feel more confident on its bigger brother, but the 130mm sibling can handle an awful lot. It’s fun, fast and playful and you’ll find yourself accelerating up to speed and keeping it as the bigger wheels roll over the terrain.

I found myself heading back to sections of trail over and over again to try and hit them with more speed, just like a day training on the downhill bike, except this time I was riding back up and loving every minute of it!

It’s very easy to get sucked into the ‘more travel is better’ mindset, but for the majority of riders and trails the Mega TR 275 is spot on. Have a ride and you will be questioning if you need a 6-inch travel enduro bike! It’s lighter, faster over less technical terrain and very rewarding to ride, this is a bike that should not be overlooked!

Tech Head

Clearly related to it’s bigger brother the AM, the Mega TR shares the 44mm head tube, ISCG mounts, internal and external cable guides for a dropper post and a 142x12mm rear axle, but it is mated to a slimmed down, lighter weight hydroformed tube set. This, twinned with its reduced travel, makes it much more of an all-rounder.

The 130mm of rear travel is handled by a RockShox Monarch R rear shock, a nice and simple ‘set up and forget’ shock. Set the sag, adjust the rebound and go! Up front is a 150mm Revelation RLT Solo Air with external rebound and low speed compression/lock out.

SRAM handle the drive train duties, with X5 shifters, X5 front mech and an X7 rear mech, driven by a 2x10 S1000 crank set.

Stopping power is provided by Avid 3 discs with 180mm rotors front and rear

With an extensive components catalogue, it is unsurprising that Nukeproof provides the rest of the build. The Nukeproof Generator wheels are shod with 2.3” Maxxis High Rollers and the stylish Warhead range covers the bar, stem and seat post.

Nukeproof Mega TR 275 Comp

Seat tube: 431.8mm
Effective top tube: 588mm
Head tube: 110mm
Chain stay: 440mm
Wheel base: 1147mm
BB Drop: 13mm
Head angle: 67˚
Seat Angle: 73˚
Reach: 413mm
Weight w/o pedals: 31.2lbs


Out of the box the Mega TR is loads of fun and ready to hit the trail and get you smiling. Feeling like a downhillers trail bike, but without being hampered with too much travel and weight to get you up the other side. The package is good value for money, with the frame, fork and Nukeproof build kit giving a great base to build from should you want to upgrade in the future.

The Mega TR 275 Comp really shines when the trail’s flowing downhill, and is great fun and very quick on technical singletrack. If you like climbing you may benefit from a slightly longer stem and making use of the internal or external dropper post cable guides for a future upgrade.

With the ability to bulk up or slim down, the Mega TR has lots of potential to add to its already fun persona.

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This review was in Issue 30 of IMB.

For more information visit Nukeproof


By James Cornford

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