Rose Bikes Jabba Wood 6  2011 Mountain Bike Review

Rose Bikes Jabba Wood 6 2011

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At a glance

So who are Rose?

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They are a German company that sells a huge amount of cycling related kit via there on line store and they are now available in the UK.

The bike they sent us is the Jabba Wood 6, initial impressions were mixed. Some loved the European livery while others hated it but we were all surprised when we did the old ‘is it heavy test’ and hefted it… it is surprisingly light.

On closer inspection we realised that the bike was dripping high quality bits so then the next question was ‘how much does it cost’…. It is surprisingly low priced, to buy the kit would set you back the price of the bike so essentially you are getting the frame for free.

This of course begs the question is it any good?

Tech heads

Hydro formed tubes save weight while an oversize down tube gives the impression of solidity. Cable routing is internal which keeps things looking clean and tidy.

A four bar rear suspension system provides 130mm of travel.

Our Jabba Wood came in medium and had a 595mm top tube, 435mm chain stay, 1105mm wheelbase and the bottom bracket sat at 336mm.

Angles wise the head angle is 69º while the seat tube is 73º.

Bottom bracket is Press Fit 30 standard, the rear brake is post mounted and Rose work in conjunction with DT Swiss with their 10mm QR system, a conversion kit is available.

Taking care of suspension duties is a Fox RLC FIT 130 w/15mm thru axle out front and a Fox RP23BV (Jabba Wood tune) out back.

Crankset, shifters and front mech are all Sram X9 with a bling X0 rear mech to finish things off.

Formula R1 brakes take care of slowing things down while wheels are DT Swiss Tricon1700 shod with Schwalbe Nobby Nics.

Syncro’s FL kit is used for finishing with a 70mm stem holding onto 670mm bars.

Our medium Jabba Wood weighed in at 26.1lbs without pedals on our scales.

On the trail

We set the Rose up as per instructions and hit the trails, straight away the fact it is quite light came through and a combination of this and the stretched out top tube made the long steady climbs a breeze.

The bike felt roomy and comfortable and as speeds began to ramp up it felt stable and composed with the suspension working best at high speed on smooth flowy trails with the odd drop and roots.

It has to be said that we were pleasantly surprised, handling was sharp and concise with the bike feeling predictable and this meant we were happy to push on and found ourselves swooping through twisty woodland trails.

One thing we did notice was that the bike liked to be set up quite firm but by running it a little softer and using the Pro Pedal damping we were able to get the best of both worlds, opening the shock for traction on climbs then using the ‘light’ platform to hold the rear on flowing trails.

Once heading down some more demanding terrain it became clear that whilst the Jabba Wood can handle it this is not its forte.

A quick note on the Fox fork, it rode beautifully and was a factor in making the bike the pleasure it was to ride.


Having ridden the Rose we think it is great value.

Roomy, stable and capable the Jabba Wood shines on woodland singletrack and smoother trails but still has enough in reserve when needed.


Build quality is good but not quite up there with some of the top brands but it does not affect the ride and it is not bad so should not be a deal breaker.

This bike does benefit from a slightly firm set up that does give it the feel of a trail orientated cross country bike rather than that of a tackle anything trail bike, this is borne out when the going gets slowed down and technical or very and rough.


If you want a bike that rides like a race bike but has that bit extra for those ‘oh heck’ moments when you find yourself clattering into an unexpected rock garden then the Jabba Wood is worth a look.

It is a bike that would suit someone that really wants a hardtail like feel but is grateful for the wonders of suspension when needed.

At £2129 the kit is superb and the bike is sorted and comfortable… Rose are a new player to think about when you have a long wish list but a short budget.

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This review was in Issue 10 of IMB.

For more information visit Rose Bikes


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