iXS Sports Division Sgol DH Jersey  2013 Mountain Bike Review

iXS Sports Division Sgol DH Jersey 2013

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At A Glance

A jersey is a jersey I hear you say. Well, yes and no. From the outset it might appear that way, but once you take a closer look you will find that some jerseys have a lot more going on and are more than just your average baggy polyester number. The Sgol jersey from iXS is one of these offerings, with some really nice attention to detail and a few thoughtful features added to make your riding experience that little bit more plush.
The material is a polyester blend created to be antibacterial, breathable and incredibly quick drying. There are large vented sections under the arms and down either side and the material feels suitably light so as not to restrict or bother you when pinning it down the mountain. Despite this lightweight feel the material is of a high-quality, and the seams are multi-stitched to add strength and longevity.
There’s also a soft sunglasses/goggle wipe stitched inside the jersey near the hem which is a nice touch, and surprisingly useful for both muddy and dusty rides.

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On The Trail

Stretchy smooth cuffs and a softer Lycra material at the neckline create a very comfortable fitting jersey. Special mention must be made to the collar as it is designed to be neck brace compatible with a really stretchy section built in. This addition doesn’t impinge on the fit or line of the jersey though, so it looks and fits equally as well when wearing a neck brace as without.
The fit of the Sgol jersey is generous with plenty of room for body armour so you won’t end up looking like you’ve tried to squeeze yourself into a morph suit, or worse. The under-arm venting works really well at keeping you cool and is very welcome on hot days when you’re loaded up with protective gear underneath.


Great looking both in style and shape with or without body armour on. Built to withstand some hard riding, whilst remaining comfortable and airy. A great one to add to the shopping list for a trip to the Alps this year!

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This review was in Issue 23 of IMB.

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By Mary Booth
Mary Booth has been a keen mountain biker for decades; she grew up on the Purbecks in the South West of England and has spent thousands of hours on the trails in that area. She moved to the South East to work in the IMB office and regularly gets out to the Alps and the Surrey Hills where she loves to ride the more technical trails…

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