Rapid Racer Products ProGuard (Max Protection) 2018 Mountain Bike Review

Rapid Racer Products ProGuard (Max Protection) 2018

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At A Glance

Designed to offer maximum protection around a significant area of the front tyre’s circumference the ProGuard is a mud guard of gargantuan proportions that on paper should keep you cleaner, drier and - most importantly - able to see down the trail without eyes full of dirt.

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Available in two sizes, standard (119g) and ‘Max Protection’ (133g) for even greater coverage, the ProGuard seeks to plug the gaps left by other, similarly large guards; namely the range of fitting options, limited spray protection and issues with tyre clearance and blockages. The ProGuard claims to work with 26”, 27.5” and 29” wheels.

The ProGuard is injection moulded so offers a good level of flexibility and strength without being brittle - ideal for when the inevitable crash comes around! A range of coloured decals are also available should you wish to colour code the guard to your bike.

A massive 24 fitting holes under the fork crown should provide a close and accurate fit with any bike-fork-wheel combination and it’s nice to see that they’re each capped with snap-off covers, meaning the top of the guard, with all its unused holes, doesn’t act like a sieve.

Other nice details are the recessed fork brace attachment, which effectively lifts the guard further away from the tyre to provide extra clearance, and the flared rear end and long front end of the ProGuard, which provide extra protection from spray whilst leaving enough of a gap to prevent anything from getting lodged between tyre and fender.

On The Trail

Fitting the ProGuard was quick and easy and the sizing around a 2.6” wide 27.5” tyre left plenty of clearance for mud and debris to pass through. They recommend adding a coat of silicone (GT85 Silicone Spray or Muc-Off Silicone Spray) to the ProGuard in order to provide it with another level of protection and beading, making cleaning it post-ride much faster and easier. If you want to remove the glossy shine then you can use the GT85 penetrative lube spray to give the guard a matte finish.

Once out in the hills the ProGuard was noticeable for the absence of mud and spray flinging itself into my face - a welcome addition in a traditionally wet British winter. Aside from a few scrapes as stones embedded in mud-filled tyre lugs passed under the guard there were no noticeable blockages, and the ProGuard remained in place and quiet at all times - a particular plus point for those who enjoy a silky silent bike!

Looks-wise the epic proportions may not be to everyone’s pallet and there is an element of town bike chic creeping into proceedings, however, there’s no getting away from the fact that more coverage offers more protection and from most angles it blends well with the tyre.


If you can get past the sheer size of the ProGuard then you’ll be treated to a lesson in mud guarding. Offering fantastic protection to the downtube and keeping your face clear of grime, the ProGuard is a winter winner.

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By James Swann
Originally from Sheffield, James lives and works in the mountain bike mecca that is the Lake District and has been falling off bikes since he was six. In between working on bike events, riding bikes, racing bikes and writing about bikes he enjoys talking about bikes with anyone who will listen. He really likes bikes.

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