RockGuardZ MudGuardZ PG350 2017 Mountain Bike Review

RockGuardZ MudGuardZ PG350 2017

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At A Glance

The RockGuardZ PG350 is the little brother of the PG450 and after a little detective work I deduced that there is 100mm difference in length between the two, leaving this one at 350mm, hence the name!  RockGuardZ are a small British company based deep in the Welsh borders, founded by a chap named Ian Walker. Ian’s heritage is in motorbike racing, not only that, he also designed bodywork for these machines in carbon fibre and fibreglass. To put it simply, he is no stranger to moulding and creating things fit for purpose. Mudguards can be overly complex, and what I was hoping for from this was a simple, robust, plastic mudguard that will hopefully last for many a winter of riding in the filth.

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On The Trail

Installation was easy and I was happy to find they supplied four cable ties which saved me hunting round in the seldom explored reaches of my shed. I was really impressed with the sleek and aerodynamic look of this mudguard, fantasising that it may create some kind of downward, traction-increasing force along with keeping the mud out of my eyes. Once attached it looks great on the bike, unlike some of the bigger more bulky guards on the market, it's small, neat and compact.

As well as keeping mud out of your face, the PG350 offers great protection for your forks wiper seals (as do all the other MudGuardZ available from RockGuardZ), and first riding impressions were sublime: massively reduced mud and water from head to toe.

I had affixed the guard to my Fox 36 forks, and it was only during an uplift day with some much harder and intense riding that I had any issues. On full compression landing off a jump the mudguard banged the crown on my forks. I contacted the guys from RockGuardZ and they assured me I could pack some tape between the brace and mudguard to stop this happening. I had a go and to be fair it improved the problem. It left it looking rather tight between the guard and my Maxxis Shorty, yet still performed as well as before. This only seems to be an issue with Fox 36's and they were able to suggest a fix so don't let it put you off. The PG350 does what it says on the tin - guards you from mud!


In short, it's simple and effective. At a great price point, this is a sleek, cost-effective way to stay clean. An even cheaper option would be to stay at home and watch the rain from the kitchen, but where’s the fun in that?

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By Graham Beaumont
Graham Beaumont is a highly respected mountain bike coach, and has travelled the world riding his bike on the best trails the planet has to offer. His laid back attitude is in stark contrast to his hard riding style, and there are very few riders who have such exacting standards and demand so much from their bikes and kit.

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