High5 Electrolyte Energy Gel 2022 Mountain Bike Review

High5 Electrolyte Energy Gel 2022

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At a glance

High5 offers this Electrolyte gel in two flavours, Raspberry and Tropical. Packed in handy 60g packs, they’re easy to stash in your pocket and will provide you with an energy boost through carbohydrates and an electrolyte mix of sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride.

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About the brand

High5 was founded in 1994 by two British triathletes. From experience they knew how the products should work and have a light flavour to be stable in the stomach and practical in use. They hold a list of ‘First in the World’ when it comes to fructose energy drinks, performance guides, advanced carbohydrate absorption testing with elite athletes, using real fruit juice to name a few.

On the sustainability front they focus on recycling most, read more about this further down in the review. There is no mention of their packaging, production methods or biological nature of their ingredients.

Besides offering nutrition, they also have a lot of interesting information on their website regarding nutrition and training. Many articles that are well worth a read: https://highfive.co.uk/pages/training-nutrition-guides

The product

Energy gels are easy to find, but it's rare they also take care of your electrolytes. Compared to other gels, the High5 gel is more fluid and less sticky, making it easier to swallow and prevent you from ending up with sticky fingers. The gel is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and contains no caffeine so you don’t have to worry about ending up with the shivers. It has no artificial sweeteners and uses natural ingredients and flavourings.

If you don’t like using gels because of the waste it creates, the High5 products are for you. With each purchase they include a stamped and addressed envelope so you can ship these to their recycling partner TerraCycle or you can hand them in at events where High5 is present. Read all about that scheme here:  https://highfive.co.uk/blogs/news/high5-recycling-programme

Out on the trail

I dislike gels. No matter how hard you try, you always end up with sticky fingers, sticky pockets and when you’re really putting in a pace they are too hard to swallow. This is why I love the High5 gels though. Yes they’re sweet, but not sticky. It’s more a drink than a gel to be honest, but packed with carbs and electrolytes. The flavours are tasty (I prefer the raspberry) and the carbs give you that much needed boost not long after consuming them.


Great product, love the fact they are actively involved in solving the recycling problem. It gives you the boost you need, with a nice taste and with the consistency of a drink instead of a sticky gel. Will definitely keep some in my pack for those unexpected hard days out.

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This review was in Issue 70 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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