iXS Sports Division Battle Jacket EVO Ladies  2010 Mountain Bike Review

iXS Sports Division Battle Jacket EVO Ladies 2010

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At a Glance

There is a phrase in life that goes something like “you get what you pay for” and that is certainly the case here, the Battle Jacket from IXS isn’t cheap, £259 RRP. But it is stacked with features and stands head and shoulders above the rest. The jacket features armoured protection for the elbows shoulders and back. The breastplates on the ladies version are soft rather than hard plastic to accommodate the female form. The cut around the hip and waist has also been designed with women in mind. The detailing and finish is top quality and neat little touches like mesh over the vents add an extra bit of wow to the jacket.

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On the Trail

There are plenty of adjustment options on the jacket so you can ensure a snug fit, the soft breastplates are excellent over your boobs and although initially I thought the jacket was a little tight it soon wore in and by the time I had walked to the top of the DH run I barely noticed I had it on. There are plenty of comfort touches with this jacket, the soft collar, a cover for the zip so it can’t rub on your skin, little features that have been well thought out. The kidney belt has a neat Velcro connection with the breastplates which helps keep it all in the right place while you are riding. Possibly the only downside to the jacket is that it looks so good I got upset when I had to chuck it in the back of the car with the muddy bikes. Naturally, being a girl I opted to keep it pristine and it rode up front with me all the way home.


Stunning looks superbly finished and very comfortable to wear, plenty of venting to keep you cool on those days in the Alps. It is great to see so much thought go into the design of a ladies product.

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This review was in Issue 4 of IMB.

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By Mary Booth
Mary Booth has been a keen mountain biker for decades; she grew up on the Purbecks in the South West of England and has spent thousands of hours on the trails in that area. She moved to the South East to work in the IMB office and regularly gets out to the Alps and the Surrey Hills where she loves to ride the more technical trails…

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