iXS Sports Division Hack Knee Pads  2010 Mountain Bike Review

iXS Sports Division Hack Knee Pads 2010

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At a Glance

IXS make some seriously techy equipment, and at first glance these knee pads seem simple enough. Take a closer look though and you’ll notice there is more than meets the eye here. These pads are designed for light use, aimed at the rider who wants a comfortable level of protection that they can wear all day long. The KnockOut™ shock absorbent padding is mounted onto a very flexible lightweight neoprene like material. A simple functional Velcro strap at the top and bottom to lock the pad in place.

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On the Trail

These pads don’t offer the same amount of protection around the side of the knee as some of the others on the market. But that does mean they are much easier to pedal in. Which after all is what you do on your bike most of the time! The anatomical shape and lightwight support material make these pads perfect for those long rides where you just want comfort over a beefy pad that is going to suck the energy from your legs. When you do come off the pads shouldn’t slip as those straps can be done up pretty tight to hold the pad in place. They offer plenty of protection just where you need it too.


Easy to pedal in, lightweight protection that does just the job for those long all day rides where comfort is a priority.

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This review was in Issue 4 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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