O’Neal Fury RL MIPS 2017 Mountain Bike Review

O’Neal Fury RL MIPS 2017

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At A Glance

The O’Neal Fury has been a best seller for some time and now comes packaged with the latest MIPS technology. Although this adds a hundred or so grams to the deal, luckily they had started with one of the lighter full-face lids on the market, so it still comes in at a lean 1100g. In my opinion, that's a small price to pay for the increased protection from the MIPS, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that says otherwise.

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This version of the Fury only comes in what can only be described as a pretty garish colour scheme. Combined with O’Neal’s neon yellow B1 RL Goggle with Radium lenses, you have yourself a striking bit of kit, possibly not the one for someone who just wants to put in some quiet laps down the blue. It screams rowdy, hot laps and hard-hitting corners. This plays into the hands of the current book for O’Neal, taking on some of the more wild riders striving, and succeeding, to create their own strong brand in the mountain bike world. The quality motocross heritage is still strong, but mountain biking is now a huge part of their portfolio.

On The Trail

The Fury fitted my head well and felt secure even on the rough stuff. I usually find that the measure for a full face is tested if in the rough there is any rattle that can move the goggles around; this highlights any ill-fitting shape. No such trouble in this case and the helmet detailing and shape is specifically designed to secure the goggles, including a ridge at the back of the shell and directional, slightly softer rubber contact points at the first point of contact for the strap. All that said, when it came to sizing, I was surprised to find I was an XL when I usually wear a medium or large, suffice to say it’s always worth checking the sizing and trying one on before you buy if possible. Once I had overcome the idea that I had an oversized head, I couldn't fault the fit.

The Fidlock closure is a treat, for those that haven't heard of them before, it is a sliding closure, secured by a magnet. The first couple of goes I was slightly taken aback by it, but a quick minute of playing with it off my head to work it out and its a nice, simple piece of design. As far as I can tell it is just as secure as any other option, but much easier to use, especially with gloves on.

All in, the Fury is a great helmet, at a very competitive price point, especially with the MIPS system in there. As well as the bells and whistles and design features, it sports everything else you’d expect from a full face lid, washable pads, adjustable peak and integrated removable GoPro mounts to name but a few. It surpasses all the tests for bicycle helmet safety standards and is designed to reduce rotational forces in the event of a crash.


If you want a high functioning, ultra safe helmet, for a reasonable price, and want to stand out on the trail, this should be high on your list.

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