THE Industries T2 Carbon  2011 Mountain Bike Review

THE Industries T2 Carbon 2011

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The T2 is the top of the line helmet for THE Industries; it replaces their very popular “ONE” lid that has been a favourite of many riders. The difference between the two helmets is quite striking, THE have been known for adding a touch of class to a lid but with the T2 they have really gone to town. The little styling details such as the stitched logo on the padding really add to the overall feel of quality.

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Compared to the “ONE” the T2 has more vents, better internal channels and a slightly thinner profile. Our carbon version weighed in at 964 grams making it extremely light for a helmet of this sort.

It comes complete with a spare visor and a nylon helmet bag that should ensure you lid stays looking good for longer. There are 6 different designs in the carbon material and also a range of 4 composite versions which retail at £159. The internals are fully removable and washable and designed to stay fresh for longer.

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This review was in Issue 13 of IMB.

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