Jackson Connelly

Jackson Connelly

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Australian U17 Downhill MTB Champion Jackson Connelly has the world at his feet this season after dominating the Australian Downhill since 2013. Follow Jackson as he takes on the world. Jackson Connelly was born in Cooma NSW as his parents live in Thredbo. So he's lucky enough to call Thredbo home... Skiing at the age of two and by four his training wheels came off. By the ripe old age of 7 Jackson was the youngest person to ever complete the Thredboland Cannonball Run. Jackson was the youngest competitor ever in a National Downhill MTB round at Eight years old and came Tenth or there abouts in the U15 in the same comp. Just recently Jackson placed 4th in the Inter Schools Championships at Thredbo missing the podium by twenty seven hundredths of a second, mind you Jackson was racing in the year one and two category. Jackson is currently being scouted by several MTB Companies and his future is looking like a bunch of fun! So stay tuned and feel free to post any pics you might have of the kid... Mountain Bike Downhill Skiing Snowboarding Skateboarding Sportsperson

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