Steve Peat

Steve Peat

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3 months ago

Steve Peat and his unfathomable amount of experience heads on track each day to help the crew with lines, queries and to pick strawberries? It's…

4 months ago

Adidas and Five Ten Present VISION, a new female-led freeride mountain bike film – Coming July 30th 2019. After watching this trailer, we can not…

4 months ago

Good and bad memories from Les Gets for the big dog Peaty... Take a trip down memory lane whilst on track during Qualifying day, helping…

5 months ago

Each Saturday we'll be bringing you Steve Peat and his adventures whilst out on course playing coach, spotting lines and occasionally remembering to film the…

5 months ago

There would be a familiar start to Day 6 as riders enjoyed two nights in Breil-Sur-Roya, returning to the summit of the Col de Brouis…

5 months ago

Had enough of breathing in all sorts of nasties when servicing and maintaining your bike? These are no off-the-shelf rebranded crud, these have been specifically…

5 months ago

With the sea visible for the first time yesterday, riders must be able to smell the sea breeze as the opening shuttle took them from…

7 months ago

That's a lot of BANG for a lot of bucks! Here's what happened when Sam Reynolds, Ben Deakin and crew went up to the Steel…

7 months ago

With Sea Otter wrapping up last weekend, enjoy this 2019 recap of Sea Otter Classic from the folks at Troy Lee, featuring Steve Peat, Cam…

7 months ago

Ever wondered what goes into pre-season testing with the pros? Here's a little insight with Fox Racing Shox as to what goes on with the…

8 months ago

Possibly one of the greatest races in the UK will take place on Saturday 23rd March in Sheffield, UK - the great Howard Street Dual!…

9 months ago

It's always a pleasure watching the old guard hitting the trails hard once more and hunting down the new breed... Don't call it a comeback…

Issue 56

Nestled in sleepy Wales is one of the wildest bike parks the UK has to offer. Featuring big gaps, committed lines and an efficient tractor-based uplift, we head down to see what the fuss is about with Steve Peat and a bunch of high-quality shredders.

1 year ago
Issue 55

The most popular movies from the IMB website over the last two months!

1 year ago
Issue 2

In light of Steve's recent achievements in Australia at the World Championships we thought we best catch up with him!

10 years ago

Steve Peat races Downhill Mountain Bikes for the Santacruz Syndicate. 06/17/1974 Sportsperson

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