Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno

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Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a link
1 week ago

Have you ever have a dinner in a gondola? This Sunday, September 15th, Associazione Mattias will provide a gourmet dinner on the brand new panoramic cableway of Carosello 3000. A four course menu to enjoy flying up to the top of the Mountain, remembering the starred chef Mattias Peri
Here all the information 👉

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a video
3 weeks ago

Giulio Molinari just won the ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon. 3,8km of swimming, 195km of biking and 42,2km running..until the end at 3000 meters!

@giulio Molinari ha appena vinto la @icon xtreme Triathlon of Livigno. 3,8km di nuoto, 195km in bici e 42,2km di corsa..per arrivare al traguardo a 3000 meters!

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a video
2 months ago

❗Tre giorni di BIKE TEST di Canyon con la leggenda del DH Fabien Barel❗ Dall'8 al 10 agosto alla partenza della cabinovia di Carosello 3000, avrete la possibilità di provare le nuove bici della linea enduro, all mountain e gravity!🚵‍♂ Inoltre, alle 11 e alle 15 di giovedì e venerdì, verranno organizzati dei riding di gruppo con il campione DH Fabien Barel...un'occasione unica per conoscerlo e confrontarvi con lui!🤩 Nel pomeriggio invece l'appuntamento è nella chill area allestita alla partenza della cabiovia, dove ci sarà una signing session e un après bike dove rilassarsi dopo la giornata di riding.
Un evento dove divertirsi insieme a vecchi e nuovi amici, provando le ultimissime novità e condividendo la passione per la mtb.

❗Three days of BIKE TEST form Canyon with the DH legend Fabien Barel❗ From August 8th to 10th at the start of the Carosello 3000 cableway you'll have the chance to try their latest bikes of the enduro, all mountain and gravity line!🚵‍♂ Furthermore, at 11am and 3pm of Thursday and Friday, will be organized group ridings with the DH champion Fabien Barel...a unique occasion to know him!🤩 In the afternoon, the meeting is at the chill area placed at start of the cableway, where there will be an après bike with signing session, where to relax after a day of riding.
An event where to have fun together with old and new friends, trying the lastest news and sharing your passion for mtb.

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a video
2 months ago

TOMORROW The Bomb trail will open! Have a virtual run with Ali Clarkson before coming to try it 😉

DOMANI apre il The Bomb trail! Fatevi un giro virtuale con Ali Clarkson prima di provarlo di persona 😉

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a link
2 months ago

From August 8th to 10th Canyon #ShredCity arrives at Carosello 3000 with a super bike test of the brand new bikes enduro, all-mountain and gravity!🚵‍♂️
Three days where meeting new people, testing new bikes, and riding together with the DH legend Fabien Barel on the new trails!🤩

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a link
2 months ago

Last week Marco Aurelio Fontana arrived in livigno for the #SocialRide3, which he tried the trails of the area with. An intense day of riding on different kind of trails, in which he had the chance to try the brand new The Bomb…such a trail!
The video form tells you about this funny day

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a video
2 months ago

The day has come. This saturday, August 3rd we'll open THE BOMB TRAIL, a pure enduro trail built almost completely by hand, in which natural elements and the natural geography of the ground are perfectly integrated in the line. The british rider Ali Clarkson, on tour in Livigno with Sunlight - Freedom is my life, had the chance to test it in advance, check out his comments! 👇

Il giorno è arrivato. Questo sabato 3 agosto apriremo il trail THE BOMB, un enduro "nudo e crudo" costruito quasi completamente a mano, nel quale gli elementi naturali e la geografia del territorio sono perfettamente integrati nella linea. Il rider britannico Ali Clarkson, presente a Livigno in tour con Sunlight - Freedom is my life ha avuto l'occasione di provarlo in anteprima. Qui i suoi commenti! 👇

Carosello 3000 Bike Park Livigno posted a video
2 months ago

E' stato un weekend di amicizia, festa e tanto riding.
Ecco gli highlight dei Great Days 2019...enjoy 😉

It has been a weekend of friendship, party and a lot of riding.
Here the Highlights of the Great Days 2019...enjoy 😉

Carosello 3000 Livigno was live.
2 months ago

The outdoor media event Livigno at the GOLDEN DAY! This is the YOGA EXPERIENCE! Every Tuesday at 6am

The Mountain of Livigno - Italy. Visit us for great skiing, freeriding, mtb, trail running, trekking and more outdoor adventures.
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Via Saroch 1242/G
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The famous British trial-biker tests the new enduro trail of Carosello 3000 Mountain Park in Livigno, which will be officially open on Saturday, August 3rd.…

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Livigno looks like an incredible place to ride and now even better thanks to the opening of Mountain Park Carosello 3000, check out a preview of…

Issue 37

We love Livigno, it's no secret, but they have just opened up the other side of the valley with three new trails, we sent Will Simmons along to see what they were like!

4 years ago

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