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Mountain Bike Reviews - 6D USD ATB-1T Trail Helmet 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - 6D USD ATB-1T Trail Helmet 2016
6D USD ATB-1T Trail Helmet

If you’re looking for some serious protection for your ‘grey-matter' then this super stealthy black-beauty looks like it will win most battles. Thankfully I didn’t get chance to find out if the omni-directional suspension (ODS) actually works on full impact, but the technical description seems to add up. It’s fairly similar to MIPS, but is executed a bit differently. The basic idea…

6D Helmets - Safest Helmet Technologie for Motorcycle and Bicycle #TheSafest 6D’s fully-active ODS™ dual-liner suspension system, dramatically improves low-threshold energy compliance while effectively maintaining high-energy protection as well and adds a whole new dimension of much needed, angular acceleration energy management, not found in conventional helmets of today. Six Degrees of Freedom – In engineering terms, refers to the ability to move 3 dimensionally in space about the Cartesian coordinate system of X,Y and Z, including rotation about each. That is to say, an object can translate in all 3 planes, XY, YZ and XZ including rotation about the X,Y and Z axes. Provide the public with superior safety helmets from both a technological perspective and a design perspective. Continually challenge our company to improve its technology and lead the marketplace with innovative designs. Outdoor and sporting goods company £££

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