6D USD ATB-1T Trail Helmet 2016 Mountain Bike Review

6D USD ATB-1T Trail Helmet 2016

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At A Glance

If you’re looking for some serious protection for your ‘grey-matter' then this super stealthy black-beauty looks like it will win most battles. Thankfully I didn’t get chance to find out if the omni-directional suspension (ODS) actually works on full impact, but the technical description seems to add up. It’s fairly similar to MIPS, but is executed a bit differently. The basic idea being that the outer eps liner sits on specific hourglass shape rubber dampers and will take the impact of a glancing fall.

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6D’s description is, of course, slightly more technical - it apparently 'supplies progressive absorption for more direct, high-velocity impacts, producing a rapidly escalating spring rate under compressive load’, or the other description I found which made me smile: ‘kinetic energy management’.

On The Trail

So yes, it's got all the bells and whistles and indeed some stunning looks, but be aware the ATB-1T, developed from their motocross helmets, is a real a heavy-weight in both senses. If you’re looking for a mega lightweight helmet this definitely isn’t for you; the helmet weighs in at 500g. The helmet has a polycarbonate shell which is much thicker than what you'd normally find on a regular lid. It’s wide too and those with a smaller head can sometimes look a little 'Californian Highway Patrol'.

6D have priced the USD ATB-1T helmet at $269.95 USD which isn’t cheap, but remember it is packed with technology - I personally think this helmet is intended for enduro riders/racers who might not want a full face lid, but are happy to don a pair of goggles and hope the chin guard isn’t needed. The protection on the rear of the head is second to none, you really feel like your entire skull is encased and well looked after. The number of vents is impressive too, 18 in all, which will help you keep your cool in the race. Finally, the build and finish is excellent and the available colourways are all really tasty.

Flip the ATB-1T over and you’ll see a fairly standard yet effective adjustable retention system that supplies four centimetres of range in each of the three sizes, as well as being height-adjustable in four increments which is rather nifty and kept the helmet steady all the way through the rock gardens. A single dial at the rear provides the adjustment - it's fairly easy to tinker with while on the move and with gloves on.

The chin strap cover is super soft, wide and comfortable. 6D has used the Fidlock™ magnetic closure system that is becoming standard now for a lot of helmets - a neat touch.

So, put simply, the ODS design on the ATB-1T requires more material, it has 2 EPS liners, a polycarbonate shell and twenty-seven rubber dampers, which means it's slightly heavier than some of the super light helmets on the market, but it's giving you a whole host of tech and protection.

We tested it on numerous rides in mountains and it felt solid and hugs your head well. On general 2 to 3 hour rides I never really noticed the extra weight either.


If you’re a regular at local enduro races, a fan of the Alps or spend your weekends at uplift bike parks, this is the perfect helmet for you. You just never know when you’re going to rely on that ‘kinetic energy management’.

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By Ben Gerrish
Ben Gerrish is a passionate photographer and videographer with a profound love of all things two wheeled. Whether it is riding a BMX around town or rallying an enduro bike down a steep chute in the Lake District he'll always have a smile on his face!

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