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TSG Sentinel 2022

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At a glance

TSG recently launched their brand new full face DH helmet the Sentinel. Weighing in at 1150 grams, the Sentinel comes in four different color options and 6 different sizes. Price: 199 EUR

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About the brand

TSG was founded in 1988 out of frustration of the lack of adequate protection for BMX riders and skateboarders. The letters actually stand for Technical Safety Gear and it’s founder Titus Dittmann was one of Germany’s top skateboarders at the time. They set the standard for action sports protection, and their line up of sponsored riders is impressive with names like Ryan Nyquist, Tony Hawk and Timo Pritzel.

In the early 2000’s TSG was taken over by Rudi Haerger, and it’s HQ moved to Switzerland. Besides the skate and BMX products, a big range of snowboarding and MTB protection is added to the product range.

Currently they have a wide range of helmets, goggles, protective gear and apparel for the DH and Enduro mountain biker, and are a proud supporter of riders like Sam Pilgrim and Hannes Klausner.

When it comes to the environment, TSG does not mention anything specific on their website. They are involved in several foundations like Skateistan, Skate Aid and Stephan Murray’s Stay Strong foundation.

The product

TSG has been a household name in action sport protection for years, and it shows in their latest full face helmet. The Sentinel has been designed by legendary designer Stephane Dion, who has been designing helmets for over 25 years.

Main design goals were to have a durable helmet, with the correct amount of goggle space and a visor that sits in the perfect position. While DH runs only last a few minutes, the helmet is designed to be worn all day long, aiming for a low weight and good airflow even at lower speeds. TSG did not forget to think about the environment either, and opted to use ABS polycarbonate which can be recycled.

It uses a moto style D strap, and the liner is removable too if you want to give it a good clean. With a total of 12 vents you should get plenty of airflow to keep your head cool. With four different colors and six different sizes, there is a perfect fit for everyone’s head size and taste. TSG sizing recommendations are as follows:

XS: 52-53 cm

S: 54-55 cm

M: 56-57 cm

L: 58-59 cm

XL: 60-61 cm

Our S sized helmet put 1138 grams on our scale, making it nice and light for a full DH aimed helmet. For comparison the Troy Lee D3 Fiberlight weighs in at 1162 grams, but is about 90 Euros more expensive. Last but not least the visor is removable but not adjustable, and the system does not come with a rotational protection system like MIPS.

Out on the trail

The Sentinel feels extremely safe and sturdy out on the hill. The padding is comfortable and keeps the helmet in place on even the roughest of trails. We tried various goggles on the Sentinel, and all of them had plenty of space to allow a proper fit.

The ventilation is adequate for DH and bike park riding in normal conditions, in the height of summer you might get a little warm while waiting in the lift lines so best keep it pinned!


TSG created a great piece of equipment that looks stylish, safe and durable. A great plus is the many size options that ensure a snug fit. The Sentinel does not have a MIPS system but let’s be honest, that is not reasonable to ask for if you have a sub 200 euro price tag. If you’re riding the occasional DH track or bike park, want a good fitting stylish looking helmet and don’t want to spend the world, the Sentinel is a great option.

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This review was in Issue 69 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
Jarno's life has revolved around two wheels ever since he swung a leg over his first BMX at age 4. After a BMX and DH racing career, he moved on to work for bike shops, distributors and brands before ending up in the editors seat at IMB. Based in the ultimate testing ground in the Swiss mountains, he runs his guiding operation and makes sure every IMB issue is filled with top notch content.

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